Homeschool Weekly Lesson Plan Forms

This web page has a selection of some of my weekly homeschool lesson planner forms. Be sure to view the Homeschool Planner Sets to see more planner options. Also see my aritcle on How to Make a Homeschool Weekly Planner Book. Some of the forms have examples so you can see how one might use them. The PDF versions are meant to be filled out by hand. Most, but not all, of the forms on this page are included in DOC or RTF format in the word zipped package download.

If you are new to making lesson plans, please visit this page: Homeschool Planning Help to learn how to make very simple plans from different types of books.

It is important to note that has more weekly planner files than the ones listed below. See also Coordinated Sets and Column Planners.


text fileTypeable PDF
PDF fileAcrobat PDF
doc or rtfDOC, DOCX, or RTF

Lesson Planners On This Page

One-Page Weekly Lesson Planners

Basic Unlabeled Weekly

weekly planner

pdfWeekly Planner 5x8 This is the basic weekly home school planner which has 5 columns and 8 rows. The header space has a place to write the child's name, grade and year.
pdfWeekly Planner 4x8
pdfWeekly Planner 4x8 - No words in header
docBasic Weekly 5x8 [doc]
rtfBasic Weekly 5x8 [rtf]

Type-able PDF Weekly "Class" Type-able PDF: This form is very similar to the one above except it is type-able. Caution: Adobe Reader will not save what you type. This form must be filled out and then printed.
From Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner

Not Quite Basic Weekly Planner

weekly lesson planner

pdfWeekly Log The header reads: Weekly Log. This form has the standard 5 columns and 7 rows. One of the rows is extended and ruled. That larger ruled row could be used for Language arts.
docWeekly Log [doc]
rtfWeekly Log [rtf]

Type-able PDF Weekly Log Type-able PDF: This form is very similar to the one above except it is type-able.
Caution: Adobe Reader will not save what you type. This form must be filled out and then printed.
From: Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner

The Loved Edwardian Planner

The  Loved Edwardian Planner

pdfEdwardian Ruled Weekly Planner
This ruled weekly planner has 5 columns 8 rows and check-off bubbles.

text fileEdwardian Ruled Weekly Planner [361 KB]
A typeable version - This file will probably not save what you type.
To Use: Type in the fields and Print.

 Edwardian 6-Day Planners

pdf6 Columns, 7 Rows
pdf6 Columns, 8 Rows
pdf6 Columns, 9 Rows

Some of these files may be purchased separately at Edwardian Planners

Plan List - A Row Planner

Plan List - A Row Planner

pdfPlan List A journal type of planner. This planner has a large square at the top with a list along side the square and the bottom portion of the page has 5 rows for planning the 5 days of the week.

Margins 1-Page

The "Margins" planner contains open sided boxes in the margin areas. The left margin is labeled Classes. The right margin is unlabeled.

Margins One-Page Lesson Planner

pdf5x7 - 7 Rows
pdf5x8 - 8 Rows

Margins style in Two-Page

2-Page Weekly Lesson Planners

Days Across the Top

2-page lesson planner

Two-page planners are the roomiest weekly planners. I used them for both of my children when they were in the elementary years.

pdfLesson Plans - 2 Pages(Days Labeled)
This planner requires two sheets of paper to print. One side has 4 columns and 8 rows.. presumably for Monday through Thursday. The second page has 3 columns and 8 rows. One column for Friday, one columns for lists, and one wide column for anything you feel like using it for. The planner is completely not ruled and simply has the header, Lesson Plans.
Mock-up example of a 2-page planner for one child | Real example of a 2-page planner in use for two children


Related: See also: 5x7 Grid 2-Page Planner

Ruled: Days Down the Side

dashed 2-page lesson planner

pdfRuled 2-Page Planner (Days Unlabeled) Another 2-page planner, this one has 5 rows and 6 columns plus one wide column.

Margins - 2-Page

The "Margins" planner contains open sided boxes in the margin areas. In the 2-page version of Margins, the inner margins and right margin on page two are unlabeled. The left outer margin on page one is labeled classes. The lesson plan columns are labeled with Roman numbers. The 6th column may be used for a 6th day or for lists.

Margins Planner

pdf5(6)x7 - 7 Rows
pdf5(6)x8 - 8 Rows

Margins style in One-Page

Lesson Planners for Two Children

See the two page planners if the one page planners listed below do not have enough room.

The three 2-children planners each have 3 sections. The two top sections can be used for subjects that the two children do separately and the bottom section can be used for the subjects that the children do together. The 2-chldren planner style is available in Labeled, Unlabeled, and Journal Style


pdfPictured: Labeled Block Planner for Two Children
pdfUnlabeled Block Planner for Two Children
pdfJournal Style Planner for Two Children

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