G & A 48

48G&A 48 requires a spreadsheet program. It is fully functional with Microsoft Excel. Read more about software compatibility on the G&A home page.

calculatorsG & A 48 is a whole number type and is non-weighted. At this time, this is the only version of G & A 48 that I have made. G & A 48 includes my grade calculators, but there is no documentation for the grade calculators. Most of the current documentation will apply to other parts of G & A 48.

48 is available in 10-subject and 14-subject. Download file below.

Formats: XLSX and XLS

Files available as a direct download.

Differences in G & A 48

  1. G & A 48 includes my grade calculators
  2. Has 48 rows times 6 columns per subject sheet
  3. Two printable cards, 4-Term and 6-Term
  4. Includes a chart which charts weekly grade averages
  5. Each subject sheet shows weekly averages, 4-term averages, and 6-term averages


  1. The 4-Term report card counts attendance in non-overlapping 3-month increments and that might not reflect your child's attendance precisely. You can remove the code in those cells and enter the exact attendance.
  2. The 6-Term report card attendance is not programmed. Enter the actual days present.

hereDownload G&A 48  

There are two file formats - XLS and XLSX. (-Aug, 2011)

- All files below were updated 8/2011 -- DY

File Format: excelXLSX

This format will either open directly in your browser or it will cause your spreadsheet program to open the file.

1. Right-click the link and from the menu choose to save it.
IE and Opera Save Target As, Firefox: Save Link As.


10-Subject 48 G&A: excelXLSX

excelGrades and Attendance - 48 10-subjects

14-Subject 48 G&A: excelXLSX

excelGrades and Attendance - 48 14-subjects

File Format: excelXLS - same files, just a different format

10-Subject 48 G&A: excelXLS

excelGrades and Attendance - 48 10-subjects

14-Subject 48 G&A: excelXLS

excelGrades and Attendance - 48 14-subjects

importantCompatible with Microsoft Excel, Open Office, and Possibly Numbers

Numbers 09 Users: You are welcomed to download and try the file to see if it works, but if things don't work, it's broken.

importantThe Calendar Year

To change the calendar to reflect the current year, change the school year dates on the information tab.
help pageSee Step # 7 on Help Page

Help Pages

Set Up: Quick Start Guide - Information Tab | Subject Tabs - Adjusting the Grade Weight | Subject Tabs - Credits | Set up Your Grade Scale | Enter Attendance - Calendar Tab | How to Change the Date on the G&A Calendar |
FAQs: FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions | I can't see the Tabs: Minimized vs Maximized | Print Preview and Printing | Timing and Placing the Scores | How to Unprotect and Protect a Sheet | Not Using the Grade Weight | Year-Round Schooling Changes - Change number of months in school year. | Year-Round Schooling Changes - Changing the Semester in Print

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