Viewer & Constellation Slides

A long time ago, we made the viewer and slides. I think the viewer is a pretty common item. We made it from a pringles can because the diameter is close to the size of a wide-mouth canning jar lid/seal. You can substitute items, however, keep in mind that I made the constellation slides to fit wide mouth canning jar seals.

Supply List for The Constellation Slides

  • 6 wide mouth mason jar lid seals (can be used but not warped) per sheet
  • Clear tape
  • A T-pin, straight pin or some other type pin that is thin yet strong
  • A small hammer

Printables for The Constellation Slides

One of the star slide circles, only smaller.Constellation Slides Sheet 1
This sheet has the constellations: Andromeda; Triangulum; Corona Borealis; Bootes; Canis Major; Cassiopeia; Cygnus; and Orion. 

Constellation Slides Sheet 2
This sheet has the following constellations: Lyra: Hercules; Draco; Ursa minor; Ursa Major; Leo Minor; Canes Venatici; Taurus; Perseus; Triangulum; and one of the circles is "Finding Polaris".

How To Make the Constellation Slides

Print a Pringles Can Star Sheet. 

Cut out the circles. 

Tape well a circle to the bottom side of each one of the mason jar lids. 

Set the lid on a surface that you do not mind denting such as a phone book. 

Position your pin over one of the stars that make up the constellation. see notes  

Give your pin a sharp tap to make a very tiny hole through the lid. 

Continue making holes where the stars are until you have made all the holes that are in the constellation. 

Leave the paper on the lid for reference.

*Notes: The stars that make up the constellations are connected with lines.

*Notes: Some of the star slides have a part of another constellation on them. You do not have to make holes for these incomplete constellations. They may clutter your slide if you do.

*Notes: You may mess up a few times before you get the hang of this. When I became better at making the holes, I could make different sized holes to represent the star brightness better. However, don't make any of the holes big! The tiniest ones should barely pierce through the lid.

Supply List for The Viewer

  • An empty Pringles Chips Can
  • Some sort of tools to make an eye-safe1/2 inch diameter hole in the bottom of the can.

I'm sorry that I can't be more clear about what tools to use to make the hole in the can with. I made one years ago and I can't remember how I did it. Anyway...Make a hole in the center of the bottom of the Pringles can. The hole should be "eye" size (around 1/2 inch [8 mm] or less) and the edges turned toward the inside so that it is safe.

How to Use the Viewer and Star Slides

Put one of the jar lids up to the mouth of the Pringles can paper side toward the inside of the can and hold it there. Do not cover the star-holes with your hand. Look through the eye-hole that is on the bottom of the can. It works better if you stand in a lit room with your back to the light.

There's a possibility that I won't be making any more star slide sheets, so I  encourage you to make your own if your kids like them.


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