Lunar Eclipse

When one heavenly body is hidden by the shadow of another, it is eclipsed. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon so that the Moon is in Earth's shadow, a lunar eclipse occurs for everyone on the nighttime side of the Earth. The Earth usually casts a coppery, dim light on the Moon, rather than a black shadow.

A photo of the recent total lunar eclipse that we had January, 2000. I took this picture as the moon was emerging from the shadow of the earth.

The large cone shaped shadow of the Earth (the umbra) envelops the Moon during a lunar eclipse. During a total eclipse, the entire moon is in the umbra. Lunar eclipses happen only when the moon is full, but they do not happen to every full moon. The moon usually passes to one side of the umbra. A total lunar eclipse lasts about two hours. The Earth's shadow is twice the diameter of the Moon where the Moon enters, and the Moon travels the length of its diameter in one hour.

printable fileLunar Eclipse Drawing Sheet

The Lunar Eclipse Drawing Sheet is a drawing exercise for children who can draw circles and handle a ruler.

They should not draw on the sheet, they should follow the steps that are on the sheet.

And they should label the parts.


About the exercise
I made this exercise and I was inspired by an illustration from
The World Book Encyclopedia 1951


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