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The files on this page are meant to be printed on regular sized printer paper [8.5" x 11"] on both sides. Fold paper in half after printing and cut along fold line. Hole punch to fit your half-sized binder or bind paper in another way.


My Garden Plans

My Garden Plans 

in black and white

My Plants

Animal Kingdom
With handwriting lines
For Spring Trees
Weather Journal Printable
Weather Journal Printable
with handwriting lines
Weather Journal Printable
with more handwriting lines
shadow chart

Shadow Chart
Use the shadow chart to measure the shadow of an preselected ever present item. This illustrates the changing tilt of the earth that causes our seasons.

See Using the Shadow Chart

The doc version of this pdf file: shadow-chart.doc

Donna Young

Dated 2-Page Block Planner for the Household Planner

drawing class

Penmanship- writing readiness 2

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