Irregular Verbs

Verb Tense


Present Participle


Past Participle

shake(s) shaking shook (have) shaken
take(s) taking took (have) taken
drink(s) drinking drank (have) drunk
shrink(s) shrinking shrank (have) shrunk
come(s) coming came (have) come
swim(s) swimming swam (have) swum
give(s) giving gave (have) given
drive(s) driving drove (have) driven
choose(s) choosing chose (have) chosen
freeze(s) freezing froze (have) frozen
sit(s) sitting sat (have) sat
set(s) setting set (have) set
see(s) seeing saw (have) seen
send(s) sending sent (have) sent
ride(s) riding rode (have) ridden
write(s) writing wrote (have) written
speak(s) speaking spoke (have)spoken
break(s) breaking broke (have) broken
buy(s) buying bought (have) bought
bring(s) bringing brought (have) brought
lie(s) lying lay (have) lain
lay(s) laying laid (have) laid
sing(s) singing sang (have) sung
sink(s) sinking sank (have) sunk
burst(s) bursting burst (have) burst
burn(s) burning burnt (have) burned
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