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About Donna Young's Homeschool Planner

Clock Worksheets

April 2014 - Math > Clocks
Clock WorksheetsI've added 3 dozen new clock worksheets to the Math- Clocks page. login required YoungMinds subscribers have 3 1/2 dozen new clock worksheets.

V Planner V4

March 2014 - Subscriber Content
V Planner V4V Planner V4 is ready to use. V Planner is a spreadsheet file and requires Microsoft Excel. The file is made available by either subscribing to YoungMinds or by purchasing a Site-CD. V Planner helps you manage your lesson plans and grades.

MM - Manuscript Medium

January 2014 - DY > Handwriting > Beginning Manuscript
MM Medium - Handwriting lessonsMM Medium - Handwriting lessons with a rule size of approximately 1/2". This page is new and contains 80 handwriting lessons - 2 lessons per printed sheet.

XLSX Query String Generator

January 2014 - DY > Handwriting > Gen
XLSX Query String Generator for Gen The query string generator is a tool that allows you to plan the generated handwriting lessons ahead of time. It can create query strings for certain templates in M.Large and M.Medium.

Comic - Classic Layouts

January 2014 - Art > Comic
Centimeter Graph PaperI have added 3 new layouts - 4-Panel, 6-Panel, and 9-Panel. The gutters measure 1/4", the border should be around 1/2", and the panels on each page are the same size. Printed results could vary slightly from mine.

Grid Notes Generator

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Centimeter Graph PaperIn the sidebar of Graph Paper I page, I have added a generator that can place your list of 24 items on sheet of graph paper.

Centimeter Graph Paper

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Centimeter Graph PaperI've added 9 new printable graph papers. The base graph size is a centimeter. The set has 3 styles and 3 variations, hence, the 9 files. Sizes are approximate.

Spreadsheet Tool- Donna Young's Grade Calculator

January 2014 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Grades
C.Small - Cursive Lesson GeneratorsI've remade my grade calculators. The new calculators can handle up to 7 weighed values in points and percentages. Includes optional proration with the percentage values and optional letter grades.

Math Papers with 16, 20, 25, and 30 Boxes

January 2014 - Math > Papers
C.Small - Cursive Lesson Generators I have added four new printable made-for-math-work papers. These papers features a certain numbers of boxes - 16 boxes, 20 boxes, 25 boxes, or 30 boxes.

C.Small - Cursive Lesson Generators

December 2013 - Handwriting > Gen
C.Small - Cursive Lesson GeneratorsAs of this very minute you can create custom cursive handwriting worksheets for your children! C.Small features 2 layouts, 4 variations and the rule is approximately 1/4 inch tall. Only at YoungMinds Online

Yellow Line Handwriting Paper

December 2013 - Handwriting > Paper
Yellow Line Handwriting PaperHave you been hankering for printable handwriting paper that features an ultra bright yellow lower rule space? If yes, then this is your lucky day, my friend! If no, move along to a previously listed awesome addition to

Handwriting Worksheet Generator M.Small

December 2013 - Handwriting > Gen
Gen- M.SmallI have finally added M.Small to the collection of handwriting lesson generator templates. This set has a letter size of around 9mm. The set features 2 blank tops, full, and 2-lesson templates.

Pen and Pencil Shading - Value Scale Exercises

November 2013 - Art > Drawing > Shading
Pen and Pencil Shading - Value Scale ExercisesThis is as much seeing the value range of your drawing pens and pencils as it is an exercise toward achieving just the right shading in your drawings. This page is updated with new images and two new files that are challenging.

Crispin the Crane Fly - a Brief Comic from Nature Observation

November 2013 - Art > Comic
Crispin the Crane Fly - a Brief Comic from Nature ObservationWalls are hard, just ask any crane fly. This page illustrates that a child can make up a story for a comic from day-to-day or nature observations. The End - for Crispin anyway ...

Printable Handwriting Strips

November 2013 - Penmanship > Tips
Printable Handwriting StripsI decided yesterday to make some handwriting strips while looking at a penmanship sample that I had cut out to evaluate some other handwriting thing. Read about these and see which handwriting styles are available at the page linked. See you later, alligator.

Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

November 2013 - Household > Recipes
Creamy Chicken Noodle SoupI wrote this recipe for Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup on August 1st, 2011 and I've made it many times and has since become a family favorite. Ingredients- onions, carrots, chicken, chicken broth, half & half, cornstarch, and sour cream. Chicken may be substituted with turkey.

Half-Size Dated Block Planner

November 2013 - Household > Half-Size - Dated Block
Half-Size Dated Block Planner The 2014 Half-Size Dated Block Planner is online and ready to print. Like all of my half-size files, the finished pages are designed for binders that use 5.5" x 8.5" paper. I hope that you like it.

Comic Strip Layouts with Story Line Generator

November 2013 - Art > Comic - Story Line
Comic Strip Layouts with Story Line Generator I present to you a tool - "Comic Strip Layouts with a Story Line Generator". Not generator as in random words magically appear, but generator as in - You type something and your words appear on the comic strip template in a "comic strip font".

Printable Comic Strip Templates

November 2013 - Art > Comic
Printable Comic Strip Templates New Set of Templates - "Arch Top" a set of printable comic strip templates that feature an open top for the comic title, a dramatic opening, or something else. The panels on the "Arch Top" comic strip templates vary.

Printable Guide Words Activities

November 2013 - Forms > Guide Words Activities
Printable Guide Words Activities Guide Words Printable Lessons offers free to print cards and other printable items that can be used for the guide words lessons. The guide word lessons include instructions for both beginning and advanced.

Our Nature Journal - Weather

October 2013 - Homeschooling > Science
Nature Journal - Weather Weather - a section in our Nature Journal - The weather page is updated with more information and two printable files for the half sized binder.

Story Paper- Bordered

September 2013 - Art > Story Paper
Bordered Blank Top Printable Paper Blank top papers with two "Blank-Top" sizes - regular and tall. These printable files match the journal files at Homeschool Planner > Lesson Plan Forms.

Custom Drawing Assignments: Draw This, Please

September 2013 - Art > Drawing
Custom Drawing Assignments - Draw This, Please Choose from several bordered papers, fill in the form with a drawing assignment, "Please, draw this ---", press the "Generate Worksheet" button and save the resulting "art lesson" image for printing.

Gray Line Handwriting Paper

September 2013 - Handwriting > Paper
Handwriting paper Gray Line is named such because the lower part of the rule is gray. In the file links below the gray rule is described as Dark, Medium, or Light. Gray Line is available in seven rule heights and includes two rule styles - Regular and Tall. Gray Line also comes in Blank-Top.

Handwriting Lesson Generators

September 2013 - Handwriting > Gen
Handwriting The generators create an image and those are handled differently when printed. Be sure to read the tips before using the generators. I hope you like them! DY
Tips: Printing, Saving, M.Large Handwriting Generators, M.Medium Handwriting Generators
See More of: What's New at

homeschool planner
The Homeschool Planner is you, you are the planner. As the homeschool planner, you will put together all the different parts that make homeschooling possible in your household and make homeschooling proceed each day with as little chaos as possible. Parental issues aside, there are things about homeschooling that are easily within your powers to subdue, which I just simply call "being prepared". That is what this section Homeschool Planner is about. Within these pages I've written articles about the various aspects of planning homeschool and I provide printable planners.

Pictured here is a two page spread from our homeschool planner from 1996. During my first few years of homeschooling when my children were both young and shared some subjects, I favored a 2-page 5x7 grid. The planner page is dotted with little happy stickers. The stickers represent 100%. I think the stickers were more for me than for them in our homeschool planner - they had their own sticker books.

Homeschool Planner is Organized in These Parts

planner guide how to plan lists administrative lesson plan forms high school extra sets V Planner
Site Info

The links shown here are also in the 2nd row of the navigation menu that is at the top of this page when you are browsing the Homeschool Planner section. These links are the "home pages" of the various sections in Homeschool Planner. The links remain active as long as you are in "Homeschool Planner." If you go to a different part of, Art, for example, you will not see these links, instead, when you are at Art, you will see the art sections in the second row of links.

planner guide

Information: Discusses the different types of planners, the pros and cons of subject planner and the weekly planner and the types of forms to use in the planners. The articles in planner guide are: Essential Homeschool Planner Forms | How to Make a Homeschool Weekly Planner by Donna Young | Homeschool Subject Planner | Homeschool Journal Planner | Homeschool Timer | Do You Need a Planner | Over the Years, Donna Young's Homeschool Planner

how to plan

Information: Discusses how to get started with planning, how to schedule a day, and how to make simple lesson plans. This section How to Plan contains a few sections of its own. Some of the main articles and sections are: The Four Steps of Homeschool Planning | How To Make Simple Lesson Plans for Homeschool | (Surviving) The Curriculum Fair | Scheduling Tips for Homeschool | Using Your Encyclopedia to Make Lessons for Homeschooling

Homeschool Planner - V Planner

v planner[An XLS File] There has been a great deal of interest in the V Planner. Most of the interest has revolved around how it handles lesson plans - whether it can do "this." I designed the V Planner to do things in a way that I would have liked, of course I am retired now. The V Planner combines the best features of subject planners and weekly planners. Go to the V Planner's home page and read about it.


Printables: Printables: The section called Lists has printable forms that deal with lists such as library books, reading logs, checklists, curriculum shopping list, goals, and etc.


Printables: Printables: Forms in the Administrative section deal with sorting out things such as attendance, grades, course of study, calendars, etcetera.

Printables: Lesson Plan Forms - click each tab to read about each type

  • Index
  • Weekly
  • Term & Subject
  • By Columns
  • Daily
  • Row
  • Journal
  • Unit
  • Excel Weekly

Browse Donna Young's Lesson Planners by Groups, Types, or Styles

Homeschool Weekly Planner

This "browsing" area is by far, incomplete. My apologies for that; it's just that I have this whole website to work on and projects take a while to complete. But for now, if you need a planner that is arranged by block width and height, you are in luck, sort of. I have grid planners grouped in that way here 5x7 Grid Homeschool Lesson Plan Forms and here 5x8 Grid Homeschool Lesson Plan Forms. Both of them have the snowman planner. And the 5x7 page has a planner that I designed after the planner that I used for both of my children the first 3 years of our homeschool 2-page planner with 5 x 7 grid

Donna Young's Home School Weekly Lesson Planners

Homeschool Weekly Planner

Weekly Planners are incredibly popular and for good reason - your plans for one week are right there on one or two sheets of paper, maybe one sheet of paper for each student, but they are still right there. Pictured here is a two-page weekly planner and those can be used for 2 children or more as long as you have enough room in the blocks. Most of my weekly planners are the one-page type. The planners on this page are not the only weekly planners at, be sure to look at the Donna Young's Homeschool Planner Sets before deciding which planners to use.

Term and Subject Homeschool Planners

Homeschool Subject Planner

What are Term and Subject Homeschool Planners? Those are some of my favorite types of planners and term planners and subject planners are pretty much the same thing, the difference walks in when they are specialized, but what they all have in common is that term and subject planners are for one subject [or class]. While I have more Term and Subject Homeschool Planners than those shown on this webpage, the ones shown are the basic types - a Quarter Planner, a Semester Planner, a 6-Week planner, a Science planner, and an English class planner. Be sure to look at Donna Young's Homeschool Planner Sets because many of those will have coordinating subject planners.

Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns

Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns

The Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns are nice in that they are interchangeable without looking odd; you can choose whichever block, ruled, row arrangement that I have to suit your needs; and the Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns are available in doc format. These planners are actually a set and are spread over several web pages. Each page is named after the number of columns that files have on the page. Homeschool Planners with One Column | Homeschool Planners with Two Columns | Homeschool Planners with Three Columns | Homeschool Planners with Four Columns | Homeschool Planners with Five Columns. I included ruled paper with the column planner set: Ruled Paper with Two Columns | Ruled Paper with Three Columns

Daily Schedule Lesson Planners

homeschool timer daily planner

The planners on this page are for those homeschoolers who like to make a daily homeschool schedule. The first planner is a timer and the second is a daily planner. The daily planner comes in 3 colors- blue, pink, and green. Other planners that could be used for a daily planner are found in Homeschool Lesson Planners by Columns and Homeschool Lesson Planners with Rows

Homeschool Lesson Planners with Rows


What are Row Planners? I'm making this up as I go along - a row planner is a lesson planner that has rows instead of blocks. Now you know. A row planner can be used as a daily planner or as a weekly planner. When used as a weekly planner, a week of lesson plans for one subject are stuffed into one row and it could be as simple as Math: Complete Lessons 6-10.

Homeschool Journals, Lined Paper

journal journal journal

Homeschool Journal is for the most part lined paper, some of the paper is decorated in some way and some of the paper has a distinct homeschool purpose. The printable journals are sorted in to four sections as follows: Journals with Borders | Decorated Journals | Journals with Titles | Plain Journals. Of course any of the journals can be used as lined school paper.

Homeschool Unit Study Planner

unit planner

Many years ago an online friend named Sumi outlined how she planned unit studies. From her method, I put this planner together and while I added to it, the planner would not have been possible without Sumi. The file is available in doc and rtf formats.

Excel Weekly Planner

excel weekly planner excel weekly planner 2 pages

Excel Weekly Planner requires a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice. The planner allows you to create 6 weekly dated planners and a dated 3-week objectives list page. The planner can be personalized with up to 9 subjects and a planner title. You have a choice of a one-page or two-page planner. The two-page was a special request and the two=page version could be used for two children. YoungMinds, the Site-CD has a 12-week version of the one-page Excel Weekly Planner

Printables: Forms that you may print for your lesson plans. Please see also Sets [Planner Sets]

high school

Printables: Information and Printables: In the High School section I wrote about the basic steps to planning high school and I provide printable high school forms.


Printables: Printables: The vaguely named section, Extra, has forms that might come in handy such as notebooking templates, grids, cover sheets, and homeschool group printables.

Printables: Sets - Coordinated Planner Sets

Printables: Groups of files that have something in common. Sets will also have matching planner sets, some permanent and some temporary.

The Lovely Alexia Homeschool Planner Alexia Homeschool Planner
Alexia is available in several formats, pdf, doc, rtf, and odt. The font used in Alexia is also available for download.

Colonial Planner for Household and Homeschool Colonial Planner for Household & Homeschool
The Colonial set is probably the largest set that I have. This set is online as PDF's.

Garamond Homeschool Planner Garamond Homeschool Planner
Garamond Planner can be used for any year, but this set is featured as the high school planner at

Marble Homeschool Planner Marble Homeschool Planner
Marble is a pretty planner that I made 2001 or so. The Marble Planner is small; it has six basic homeschool forms.

Papyrus Planner for Homeschool and Household Papyrus Planner for Homeschool and Household
Papyrus planner has household and homeschool planners and includes a matching calendar.

Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner
Portfolio Planner has 7 basic homeschool forms plus a matching calendar.

Homeschool Portfolio Lesson Planner Portfolio X - Generate a Filled Homeschool Lesson Planner
Fill in the name, days, and subjects at Portfolio X, click a couple of buttons and you'll be presented with a filled Portfolio Planner.

Homeschool Portfolio Lesson PlannerSeasonal Homeschool Lesson Planners [not much here]
Not Pictured
docMicrosoft Word Homeschool Forms This is a zipped download
xlsDonna Young's XLS Files A list of some of them

writing strands


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