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Drawing Assignments: Draw This, Please

Custom Drawing Assignments - Draw This, PleaseDrawing Assignments - Choose background, enter drawing assignment, press the "Generate Worksheet" button and save the resulting "art lesson" image for printing.

It's Time to Write a Comic

Comic Strip TemplatesComic Strip Templates - Several to choose from, visit the page and print a few.

YoungMinds - Site CD-Rom

Donna Young's web site cd-romThe site-cd, YoungMinds, is available for sale after having been unavailable because of our home repairs. ALTERNATELY, you can Subscribe to YoungMinds, Donna's best website. YoungMinds is like donnayoung.org, it has most of the same URL's, BUT YoungMinds contains exclusive content and there are no 3rd party ads messing up your view of this awesome website.

Donna Young

13 Ruled Calendar

Planning Guide for AOP Art Electives, Unit 7 Comics

Targeted Manuscript Handwriting Lessons

You are at DonnaYoung.org, online since 1998. Thank you for visiting my website. Donna Young

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