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This page was updated by Donna Young on April 3, 2012.

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Handwriting Lessons that goes with the book TYCTRHandwriting Lessons
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Affect - Means to influence; as "Trade would be seriously affected by a war." Affect is never used as a noun -- always as a verb. Affect is often confused with effect.

Effect (verb) means to bring to pass; as "He effected a reconciliation."
Effect (noun) means result; as "The drug had a fatal effect."

Can - Denotes power or ability. Can should not be used to denote permission.

Except (verb) means to exclude; as "He alone was excepted from the amnesty." Except (preposition) means with the exception (i.e., exclusion) of; as "All's lost except honor." Except is not to be confused with accept, which means to receive. Updates

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