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christian bookThe Nature Readers published by Christian Liberty Press are a delightful set of books. There are five in the set and we have used all of them except the second one. While they are classified as readers, I would put them in the science category as well. These books are full of interesting stories about bugs, animals, and plants. Book five is about the human body. I highly recommend these readers mainly because my children enjoyed them so much. The books have stories which to me are observations of the natural world. The stories in books 1-4 are interesting enough to read aloud, which is what I did, and then ask your children the comprehension questions that follow.

printable filesFiles: Table of Contents Checklist for Book 4

For your convience I have typed the tables of contents in a checklist format for edition one and two.

The article "The Stars" is in Edition ONE, but not edition 2! =O

A Text File of the Table of Contents for

text file of table of contentsChristian Liberty Press Nature Reader Book Four, 2nd Edition

Copy and paste into a text editor such as Notepad or your word processor or download it here: text file of table of contentsChristian Liberty Press Nature Reader Book Four, 2nd Edition. Use the file to create lesson plans.

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