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Missing Numbers Multiplication Charts

May 2014 > Math > Charts > Multiplication
math/multiplication-charts.htmEach multiplication chart is missing a set of numbers that are divisible by a certain number. The student may observe the pattern of missing numbers, fill in the missing numbers, and complete the multiplication problem set.

80 More Lessons for DN Style

May 2014 - Handwriting > By Style > DN
handwriting lessons in a style resembling dnealianI've added 80 more lessons to DN Style. The rule height is approximately 7/16" or about 12mm.

Handwriting Animations for DN Style

May 2014 - Handwriting > By Style > DN
handwriting animations in a style resembling dnealianAnimations for DN Style
DN style is very similar to D'Nealian. There are 53 animated letters in this hand drawn set.

More Play Money

April 2014 - Math > Money > Play Money
million play money dollarsBy request I have added 4 more denominations to this set of small sized play money. This money is ideal for game money or for use as a learning tool.

K1 Manuscript Handwriting

April 2014 - Handwriting > Beginning Manuscript > Large Letters
K-1 Manuscript Handwriting LessonsI've added 31 new files to the "Large Letters" manuscript handwriting page. Most of the new worksheets are in a new set called Set 3. Rule height is appoximately 1 3/8".

More 9mm Rule

April 2014 - Handwriting > Paper > Filler
Filler Paper - 9mm RuleI've added 5 new files to the 9mm rule printable filler paper page - all with a book theme. login required YoungMinds subscribers have 7 new 9mm filler paper files.

Clock Worksheets

April 2014 - Math > Clocks
Clock WorksheetsI've added 3 dozen new clock worksheets to the Math- Clocks page. login required YoungMinds subscribers have 3 1/2 dozen new clock worksheets.

V Planner V4

March 2014 - Subscriber Content
V Planner V4V Planner V4 is ready to use. V Planner is a spreadsheet file and requires Microsoft Excel. The file is made available by either subscribing to YoungMinds or by purchasing a Site-CD. V Planner helps you manage your lesson plans and grades.

MM - Manuscript Medium

January 2014 - DY > Handwriting > Beginning Manuscript
MM Medium - Handwriting lessonsMM Medium - Handwriting lessons with a rule size of approximately 1/2". This page is new and contains 80 handwriting lessons - 2 lessons per printed sheet.

XLSX Query String Generator

January 2014 - DY > Handwriting > Gen
XLSX Query String Generator for Gen The query string generator is a tool that allows you to plan the generated handwriting lessons ahead of time. It can create query strings for certain templates in M.Large and M.Medium.

Comic - Classic Layouts

January 2014 - Art > Comic
Centimeter Graph PaperI have added 3 new layouts - 4-Panel, 6-Panel, and 9-Panel. The gutters measure 1/4", the border should be around 1/2", and the panels on each page are the same size. Printed results could vary slightly from mine.

Grid Notes Generator

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Centimeter Graph PaperIn the sidebar of Graph Paper I page, I have added a generator that can place your list of 24 items on sheet of graph paper.

Centimeter Graph Paper

January 2014 - Math > Paper > Graph Paper I
Centimeter Graph PaperI've added 9 new printable graph papers. The base graph size is a centimeter. The set has 3 styles and 3 variations, hence, the 9 files. Sizes are approximate.

Spreadsheet Tool- Donna Young's Grade Calculator

January 2014 - Homeschool Planner > Administrative > Grades
C.Small - Cursive Lesson GeneratorsI've remade my grade calculators. The new calculators can handle up to 7 weighed values in points and percentages. Includes optional proration with the percentage values and optional letter grades.

Math Papers with 16, 20, 25, and 30 Boxes

January 2014 - Math > Papers
C.Small - Cursive Lesson Generators I have added four new printable made-for-math-work papers. These papers features a certain numbers of boxes - 16 boxes, 20 boxes, 25 boxes, or 30 boxes.

Free Schedules for Apologia's Science Books -  Both co-op and individual schedulesscheduleHere at you will find free schedules for some of the courses that are published by Apologia Educational Ministries. We used the original four books Exploring Creation With General Science, Exploring Creation With Physical Science, Exploring Creation With Biology, and Exploring Creation With Chemistry. My children enjoyed the books and that is why this part of my web site exists and that is why I have posted my schedules. I do not have a schedule for every book or edition. If I do not have what you need look at the co-op page. A co-op schedule could serve as a basis for a class schedule.

Apologia Co-op Schedules: Several homeschoolers have generously donated their co-op schedules to be used by other homeschoolers at their science co-ops.

faqsTwo Common FAQ's that I receive once someone looks here and does not find the desired schedule:
1. Do you have "said" schedule? If I do not have it I will answer, "No, but have you looked at the co-op schedules?"
2. Do you know where I can find "said" schedule? I will reply no to this question because I do not know.

+Elementary Series

The books in the elementary series, named the "The Young Explorer Series," are written by Jeannie Fulbright. The books are for children who are ages of six through twelve. I do not have schedules for those books and I explain why at Elementary Series. I have planners for the books at TOC Planners. I've made a Toc Planner for each of the six books (as of autumn 2010).
Co-op Bookmarks:
Exploring Creation with Botany
Exploring Creation with Zoology

+Exploring Creation with General Scienceskeleton

I've made a lot of resources for this book and I have written about it as well. Others have donated resources. The first page is the "General Science Home Page" and the rest of the pages are linked below.
1st Edition Schedule for Exploring Creation with General Science
2nd Edition Planner for Exploring Creation with General Science
Lab Book, Lab Sheets, and Grading for Exploring Creation with General Science
Worksheets and Study Aids for Exploring Creation with General Science
My Comments about using Exploring Creation with General Science
and lastly the Co-op Bookmark for this book: General Science Co-op Schedules

+Exploring Creation with Physical Scienceegg experiment

Exploring Creation with Physical Science was the first book that we used. We really enjoyed both the book and the experiments. I think our enjoyment shows in my first edition original schedule. My other schedules are more refined I suppose. Below are the links to my resources for Exploring Creation with Physical Science.
Exploring Creation With Physical Science - Home Page and Lab Sheets
Exploring Creation With Physical Science Schedules
Exploring Creation with Physical Science Ex. 3.2
Exploring Creation with Physical Science Ex. 9.1
Co-op Bookmark for Exploring Creation with Physical Science

+Exploring Creation with Biology

See also the schedules at see alsoCore Foundations

Exploring Creation with Biology has so much vocabulary that I was inspired to make vocabulary bookmarks to be used as a study aid by my children. I put the bookmarks online and they became widely used by other homeschooled students. I was very busy during the year that we used this book and the years beyond, and as a result, I do not have many resources for this book, but I do have the important ones, the bookmarks and a schedule or two.
Resources for Apologia's Exploring Creation With Biology
Lab Forms for Exploring Creation With Biology
Co-op Schedules

I have a link named More Biology in the menu. There are a few resources on that page for these two books: "The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!" and "Marine Biology." What I have on those pages is all that I have other than co-op schedules.
There is a co-op schedule for both "The Human Body: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made!" and "Marine Biology."

+Exploring Creation with Chemistry

I was incredibly busy both times that we used the chemistry book. I made a basic checklist instead of a schedule and I made bookmarks.
Resources for: Apologia's Exploring Creation With Chemistry
Please check the co-op page for schedules for the second edition book.

Lab Resources

In this part of my website, Apologia Science Resources, each book other than chemistry has its own set of lab forms. I will link them below.
Lab Sheets for Exploring Creation with General Science
Lab Sheets for Exploring Creation With Physical Science
Lab Forms for Exploring Creation With Biology

12-1612-16 Lab WU

12-16 Lab Wu is a flexibleDonna Young's XLS Lab WUXLS grade keeper that includes a version of my composition grader, Lab WU [Lab Write-Up]. 12-16 is designed for co-op lab science classes that have 12 students or less and are using a plan based on 16 sections of work, such as 16 chapters, or in the case of Apologia science, 16 modules. 12-16 averages grades in quarters and semesters and yields a final grade for the year.


Apologia Educational Ministries has support files at their web site.

My Work/My Files: Derivative Work

You must obtain my permission before creating derivative work from my files in the apologia section if you intend to share the derivative work with others who are not your students.

Special Permission

Curriculum Fair Class Instructors: You have my permission to distribute free printed copies of the schedules that say by Donna Young as long my copyright and/or author information remains visible on the schedules.

Please note that I am not employed by Apologia Educational Ministries. I do not have information regarding becoming a vendor. If you need to contact Apologia, please visit Apologia's Web site instead of writing me.

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