This page The Art Gallery - Headlines during 1573 - 1669 is presented to encourage those who visit to learn more about the history, the arts, and the typical life of people long gone.

The Supper at Emmaus

Caravaggio 1573-1610
A painter of realistic art, Caravaggio painted with dramatic light and shadows;
he inspired Rembrandt.


Plague in Sicily and Italy

Earthquake shakes London

During a fit of temper, Ivan IV, "Ivan the Terrible", kills his son with his bare hands

Mary, Queen of Scots, Executed

Queen Elizabeth I knights Francis Drake

Hideyoshi sets up dictatorship in Japan

Shakespeare goes to London

Osaka Castle in Japan is built

French use forks

. . .

The Feast of Belshazzar: The Writing on the Wall

Rembrandt 1606-1669
A master of shadow and light, Rembrandt painted many scenes from the Bible.


Reverend William Lee invents the knitting machine

Coal mining jobs available at Ruhr

Plague kills 15,000 in London

Holland uses wind power from wind mills to drive mechanical saws

Shakespeare's plays are a big hit

Europeans eat tomatoes

England mourns for their Queen

Spain is Bankrupt

Dutch Trade with Japan

German Farmers Plant Potatoes

. . .

*The resource used for the possible Headlines are from the book The Timetables of History, New 4th Revised Edition A Horizontal Linkage of People & Events
By Bernard Grun / Simon & Schuster

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