How to Make the 32-Page Word Book

Study Words without WorkbooksBelow you will find the printable file and instructions for putting this booklet together - it is very simple. Regarding how to use the book - please visit Studying Words without Workbooks


Paper suggestion - Use at least 24 lb. weight paper; 22 lb. "might" be okay, but there will be some show-through. 20 lb. or less will show-through too much.

point Print the lined paper print-out on the front and back of 8 sheets of paper. It will print blue vertical lines on your paper.

point If you want a cover on your child's word book. Print the cover sheet on one sheet of paper. The cover sheet says "My Word Book". If you are not going to use this for a word book, then skip this step.

point Stack all the paper together with the cover sheet on the outside. Staple them in the middle in at least 3 places. Before stapling, I usually fold the outside sheet in half and then open it again to make a "line" for a guide on where to place the staples.

point Fold the stapled pages in half to make the book.

point Now, letter the pages of your word book in this manner:

  1. A on 2 pages
  2. B on 2 pages
  3. C on 2 pages
  4. D on 1 page
  5. E on 1 page
  6. F on 1 page
  7. G on 1 page
  8. H on 1 page
  9. I on 1 page
  10. J on 1/2 page
  11. K on 1/2 page
  12. L on 1 page
  13. M on 2 pages
  14. N on 1 page
  15. O on 1 page
  16. P on 2 pages
  17. Q on 1/2 page
  18. R on 1 1/2 pages
  19. S on 3 pages
  20. T on 2 pages
  21. U on 1 page
  22. V on 1/2 page
  23. W on 1 1/2 pages
  24. X on 1/2 page
  25. Y on 1 page (divided)
  26. Z on 1/2 page

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