Color Names

The worksheets on this page are all about color words or names. No where does the child have to rely on memory to know how to spell a color word, all of the words are present on the worksheets. The work here might help the child learn to recognize the color names. Side-themes are shapes and simply color theory.

Trace Color Names, Trace & Color Shapes


  • Writing the color word
  • Tracing a shape and seeing the name of the shape
  • Listening and following directions

red circle

Each file prints in color. Each file has one shape in a color. That color and shape is written around the shape. Student traces, colors, and writes.

pdfBlue Oval
pdfGray Diamond
pdfGreen Square
pdfOrange Rectangle
pdfPink Heart
pdfPurple Triangle
pdfRed Circle
pdfYellow Star

Young Child's First "Color Wheel"

color wheel

Simplistic color wheel, it's not even called a color wheel. The terms used are primary colors, secondary colors, cool and warm colors.

Student colors the circles as implied on the worksheet. Three files below.

pdfPrimary colors
pdfPrimary and Secondary "Color Wheel"
pdfSame as above except with warm and cool colors noted

Coloring and Writing a Color Name


pdfWhat Color is Your Crayon

There are two crayons on each printout. Cut the paper in half after printing or when you decide to use one.

A Use: One crayon can be used for a color theme week. The worksheet has the color names as a reminder to the child.
Colors listed: pink, red, purple, blue, green, yellow, brown black, white, orange.

Circle the Right Word

choose color
pdfColor Names
This is almost like a test and it might be better to use after kindergarten. The student is supposed to look at the color shown in the small square that is in the upper right-hand corner of each section and circle the correct word.

The answers, from left to right are:

  • Top Row: orange; purple; red
  • Bottom Row: blue; pink; green.

The inspiration for this file is from a homeschool mom that I know on the internet who occasionally types a color word in the wrong color on purpose to confuse us.


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