Lifepac Art Unit I Lesson Plans

Typically for a workbook (and sometimes for a text book), I would make lesson plans in a grid format, and after printing the lesson plans I would glue them to the inside front cover of the workbook. I kept a copy of the lesson plans in my notebook, and when I thought it was necessary, I would add notes to my "teacher" plans.aop electives art unit one lesson plans

Below I will copy and paste the student plans and the teacher plans and I will include printable files.

printable filesResources for AOP Electives LifePac Art Unit I Unit I

Student Plans - 4 formats

docUnit I Lesson Plans - DOC
docUnit I Lesson Plans - DOCX
pdfUnit I Lesson Plans - PDF
txtV Planner text file TXT

Pasting the Lesson Plans into the V Planner

If copying and pasting the TXT plans into V Planner, be sure that pasting does not change the background color of the S Sheet. If the S Sheet background changes to white after pasting, be sure to fix that by always selecting "Match Destination Formatting." See illustration below, click illustration to see full sized image.

copy into v planner and formatting

The Student Plans

1. Read Concepts in Design pages 1-2. Turn to page 49 and read all of the words and definitions. Look up any words that you cannot pronounce in the dictionary and learn to say them correctly. Read pages 3 and 4 and stop at Line.
2. Line: Read pages 4-7: What is a line, actual line, implied line, imaginary or mental line, edge. Do activity 1.1 on page 7. 3. Texture: Read pages 8-11; Do activity 1.2. Turn to page 11 and do activity 1.3. Take your rubbings, trim each example to approximately the size of the blocks in your book on page 9, and attach each one to a block with a glue stick.
4. Value: Read pages 13-14, do activities 1.4 and 1.4a.
5. Shape/Form: Read pages 15 and do activity 1.5
6. Do activities 1.6 and 1.7 on pages 17-18. Do as many tangrams as time allows.
7. Self Test 1, page 19, Begin section II; read page 20
8. Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, and Radial: read pages 21-23, do activities. Optional: Supplemental Activity #2 from teacher's book goes with today's lesson.
9. Space: Read pages 24-26, do activity 2.1 on page 26. Optional: Supplementary Activity #1 from teacher's book goes with this lesson.
10. Focal Point, Scale and Proportion: Read pages 27-28; do activity 2.2 on pages 29-31
11. Movement and Rhythm: Read pages 32-34; make a collage as directed in the instructions in the book.
12. Division of Space: Read pages 39-40. Study Part II, pages 20-40, read over vocabulary.
13. Self Test 2, pages 40-41. Use the remainder of your time to study the entire unit.
14. Unit 1 test

Supply List: 12" x 18" white construction paper, black construction paper, old magazines, old newspapers, regular paper, tracing paper (for day 3) ..instead of making rubbings directly in book, page 9), drawing pencils, markers (for day 2), ink pen (for day 2), scissors, glue stick, fixative and predetermined location for spraying the fixative on paper. (We will use a box placed outside), ruler, x-acto knife (optional, could use scissors instead, if using x-acto knife, you will also have to have a surface for cutting paper on)

The Teachers Plans Look Something Like This

The teacher's version repeats the lesson plans plus ideas and references. docunit1_teacher.doc (see all formats near the top of this page)
Below is a copy of the teacher's plans --->with the lesson plans omitted in this example

Alpha Omega Publications- Electives Lifepacs Art
Unit I: Concepts in Design
Class requires Alpha Omega's LIFEPAC Electives Art I Unit 1 and teacher's book.
Tentative syllabus and plans for Unit 1:
Supply List: – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –
Day 1: Student: Write your name in the front cover of the book and the date you are starting the course. Take note of the schedule glued to the inside front cover of the book. – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –
Day 2: – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Internet resource: The Cumaean Sybyl is mentioned on page 6. Follow the link to see the image better. Another example of lines can be found in this image: Christ at the Sea of Galilee. Adult Check: Activity 1.1 ____
Day 3: Materials: pencils 4B and 6B, tracing paper, fixative, scissors, glue stick, big box and location outside for spraying fixative, pins. (lay the paper in the box, anchor the corners of the paper with pins and spray the fixative on the paper) – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Label each example and which pencil used for the rubbing. Adult Check: Activity 1.2 ____; Adult Check: Activity 1.3 ____
Day 4: Materials: pencils of varying softness, a few newspapers and magazines
– clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Adult Check: Activity 1.4 ____; Adult Check: Activity 1.4a ____
Day 5: Materials: magazines, scissors, glue, pencil – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Adult Check: Activity 1.5 ____
Day 6 Materials: black construction paper, ruler, scissors – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Adult Check: Activity 1.6 ____; Adult Check: Activity 1.7 ____ Note: internet resources:
How to make a tangram:
[edit - off site resource removed - dead links ]
6 3-inch tangrams - PDF:
Day 7 – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –
Day 8 Materials: old magazines, art books, Optional: worksheet one from teacher's book – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Note: For lack of examples in magazines, fall back to drawing examples of balance or looking at examples of architecture.
Day 9 Materials: black construction paper, scissors, glue stick, white construction paper,
– clipped – (exactly as student copy) – If you do not understand what it means to draw the negative space visit for another explanation. If you happen to have the book, Drawing with Children, there is an example of negative space drawing on or close to page 147. Adult Check: Activity 2.1 ____
Escher's work
Wikipedia on symmetry:
Day 10
Materials: favorite drawing pencil – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Adult Check: Activity 2.2 ____
Day 11
Materials: scissors, glue stick, paper in your choice of color, and either copy pages 35 and 37 or tear them out. – clipped – (exactly as student copy) – Adult Check: Activity 2.3 ____
Day 12: – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –
Day 13: – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –
Day 14 – clipped – (exactly as student copy) –

END of Unit 1

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