Shoes drawn by a the teenaged version of Donna YoungWhat happens from the eyes through the brain to the hands? Drawing lessons are supposed make the budding artist become aware of how to translate the 3-D images that the eyes see into a draw-able 2-D image to fit somewhat proportionally onto the drawing surface. There are a couple of teachable methods that artists have used for centuries. One is the grid method and another is called sighting. Let's not forget that most of the time, there is no method; people just draw.

The shoe drawing is a "theme" drawing <- read more at the link.

Drawing 1A and Drawing with Children

Drawing Lessons 1ADrawing Lessons 1A

Printable lessons that I made for my children and you may print them from my website. Purpose of lessons: To learn to see as an artist sees and apply that skill to drawing. To be more specific, to recognize the size, shape, position/direction of lines, dots, circles, etc. in a defined space.

Drawing with Children Lesson OneDrawing with Children Lesson One [in Art > Books]

Drawing with Children Lesson One is about drawing. The page linked here is an overview of lesson one. The next page: Drawing With Children, Lessons for Lesson 1 has lesson plan suggestions.

Once drawing is going fairly well, a student studies other aspects of drawing such as texture and shading, for instance, as well as perspective and the principles of composition.

Custom Drawing Assignments - Draw This, PleaseCustom Drawing Assignments: Draw This, Please

Choose from several bordered papers, fill in the form with a drawing assignment, "Please, draw this ---", press the "Generate Worksheet" button and save the resulting "art lesson" image for printing.

Without further rambling, I have a few drawing resources and ideas. Browse the bottom row of links in the menu bar above to see drawing resources.

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