To, Too, and Two

To is part of an infinitive [to + a verb]. It can also function as a preposition in a prepositional phrase. to the park 
is an adverb and can many times be substituted with the words, also or very.
Two is a number [2].

Fill in the blanks with either to, too, or two.

  1. ___________  people rode the bus ___________  the museum.
  2. It is ___________  hot ___________  play outside.
  3. My cat is ___________  scared ___________  climb down the tree.
  4. It will take ___________  people ___________  lift this.
  5. It happened ___________  days ago.
  6. You are running ___________  slow.
  7. Shelly broke ___________  lamp shades.
  8. I want ___________  go ___________ !
  9. My dog ran around the house ___________  times.
  10. If it isn't ___________  cold, I will take my ___________  dogs ___________  the park.

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