Printable Booklet - Drawing the Animals of the World

Draw Animals based on Geography
Animals of the World is a printable quarter-size booklet that features a small map of each continent. Each continent has four pages on which the student will list a few wild animals, and at some point, draw at least three of the animals that live in the continent.

Page Contents

The First Animals of the World Booklet, Educational Points

Art, Geography, and Life Science:
I made the first Animals of the World booklet for my daughter when she was 8 years old. She was interested in the wild animals and enjoyed drawing them.

Adding geography involved research that consisted of ...

pouncing animal

    Geography -
  1. looking up the continent (from books, internet optional, but not recommended)
  2. looking up the wild animals that live there
  3. learning about the terrain, trees, and such environmental factors in which the wild animals live (at grade level)
  4. drawing the animals and, optionally, drawing appropriate landscape elements

Additional parts to this exploration of wild animals is to ...

    Life Science -
  1. discover what the animals eat
  2. discover how the animals conduct family life
  3. discover when the animals sleep

Art - My daughter drew the animals in life situations such as resting with their young, stalking or being stalked, and sitting or playing in their natural habitat.

printable file aheadFile: Animals of the World Booklet

pdf file Animals of the World Booklet

The booklet is designed to be printed on both sides of 4 pieces of 28 to 32lb paper. The printed booklet is then to be cut in half and the pages stacked so that the page numbers line up. Read more details below.

Because this is a Quarter-Sized Booklet, the file must be printed in a certain way, so please read the printing instructions.

coffeeHow to Print the Booklet

The booklet requires 4 sheets of printer paper. I recommend that you use 28 to 32 lb. paper to reduce or eliminate ink-bleed-through.

The booklet has to be printed in a certain way on both sides of the paper so that the pages will be in order when the printed papers are cut in half and assembled.

Three Printing Options- Below I will describe three ways to print the Animals of the World Booklet. If your printer supports double-sided printing, I recommend using that setting; it is described in option 1. If your printer does not support double-sided print, then print the booklet using option 2 or 3.

Three Ways to Print the Booklet, Choose One

Do not choose a "booklet" setting when printing this file.

  1. Duplex, Double-Sided: If your printer is capable of double-sided printing, then this is the quickest way. Load four sheets of 28 to 32 lb. paper in your printer, select double-sided (duplex, "print both sides of paper") and let the printer do its thing. I have test printed the booklet with this method. Note, you'll know that it is probably working if the first page prints on both sides -- all four pages will print on both sides, but if the first page is not printed on both sides, stop the print job because it's either not set up correctly or the printer can't print double-sided.

    Acrobat and Reader on Double-Sided
    "Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat let you print double-sided if your printer supports that feature. The printer driver controls the options, not Adobe Acrobat, or Adobe Reader. Check your printer documentation to see what features your printer supports. (Double-sided printing is also called duplex, back to back, front and back, or two-sided printing.)" Reference: Acrobat Help / Print double-sided | Acrobat, Reader
  2. First Odd Pages, then Even Pages: So, the next easiest way to print the booklet is to first print the odd numbered pages, then correctly reload the paper and print the even numbered pages. I (also) test printed the booklet with this method.

    if I could help, I wouldPlease don't ask me how to reload paper in your printer. (I've been asked)

  3. Manual Duplex: Manual duplex is okay if reloading your printer paper is easy. To print with "manual duplex"-
    Print page 1, reload paper and print page 2 on the other side.
    Print page 3, reload paper and print page 4 on the other side.
    Print page 5, reload paper and print page 6 on the other side.
    Print page 7, reload paper and print page 8 on the other side.

So basically, the 8 pages of this file should be printed back to back in perfect order on 4 pieces of nice paper. Okay then.

Putting the Booklet Together

After printing the pages, cut each one in half and stack the pages in order. When stacking the pages, pay attention to the page numbers. I find it easy to line up the page numbers on the left side of the booklet while not paying attention to the other side.

Animals of the World Booklet

Fold the booklet in half so that it is in its "booklet" shape. Page through the booklet and make certain that the pages are in order.

Animals of the World Booklet

If everything is good, staple along the fold.

Using the Animals of the World Booklet

First I should list some details about the parts of the booklet

  • The continents are in this order: Africa starts on page 4; Asia starts on page 8; North America starts on page 12; South America starts on page 16; Antarctica starts on page 20; Europe starts on page 24; Oceania starts on 28.
  • The List Pages are the lined pages in the booklet. Additionally, the list page contains a small map of the featured continent.
  • Three drawing pages follow the list page. The first drawing page contains a small map of the world with the featured continent highlighted. This is to show where the continent is located in the world.

While the Animals of the World booklet is about animals, it leans toward geography. As your child learns about wild animals, look up where they live and have the child write some of the names of the wild animals on the appropriate "list page" in the booklet. At some point during all of this, your child could learn more about how the wild animals live or coexist and then draw at least three pictures about the animal(s) on the three blank pages for each continent.

Animals of the World Booklet open at North America

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Animals of the World is a 1/4-size booklet.

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