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The word Reviews might not be quite the right word for this small section, but reviews is a small word that fits nicely into a navigation bar. This section is where I will link my articles that are about language arts in some way, mostly about books with themes such as-- how I used a book, how I made lesson plans for a book, and maybe even why I like a book.

Some of the links will take you to another part of this website. You can always find this page again by following the link trail: English >> Reviews

Language Arts Materials (Books)

wordsmithWordsmith, A creative writing course for young people

While I had my English books spread out all over my desk, I decided to write a review for the writing curriculum Wordsmith. Read about Wordsmith and why I recommend it.

Jensen's Format WritingJensen's Format Writing

This book is for grades 7-12. I used it during high school years. You'll find several pages about this book starting at the link.

T:343 Adverbs WS: 345 100%

Planning Easy Grammar

We used Easy Grammar in grades 5-6. Planning Easy Grammar describes how I planned the book, which really is very simple, the page includes the things that I did to make my life easier.

writing strandsWriting Strands

Writing Strands is the first writing curriculum that we used. I bought it because some of the local homeschool moms were hugging theirs.

natural spellerNatural Speller

Natural Speller - an overview
Planning Natural Speller - a formulated way to plan it. Look it over, get ideas, and plan it in any way that you want.

Wordly wisePlanning Wordly Wise

A way to plan it and spacing lesson, which is a thing to consider when planning.

EncyclopediaUsing Encyclopedias

Using Your Encyclopedia to Make Lessons for Home Schooling and Planning a Moon Unit for Homeschool - Encyclopedias are orderly by nature, so they are handy for making a few lesson plans.

Wordly wise133 Handwriting Lessons

This is about using the book - just a little bit. It is 95% about the 133 handwriting lessons that are coordinated with this book.

Links to Bargain Novels

Bargain Books for Grade School
Peter Pan

Classic Dover Bargain Novels for High School

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