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During my years of homeschooling I tried several publishers: I remember these 3 for certain - Christian Liberty Press, ACSI, and Natural Speller.

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Building Spelling Skills

Published by:
Christian Liberty Press
Christian values, uplifting quotes, and reminders to pray before each test are noteworthy elements of these spelling workbooks for grades 1 to 6. Phonics are emphasized throughout. A teacher's help is necessary, especially in the beginning books. Test pages are supplied at the back of each book.

MCP Spelling Workout

Published By:
Pearson Learning
Spelling Workout uses a sports theme that gives you and your students the tools you need to be an unbeatable team! Capitalizing on the close tie between spelling and phonics, the program leads students from simple sound-letter relationships to more complex spelling patterns.

BJUP Spelling

Published By:
Bob Jones University Press
Spelling published by BJUP gives students a foundation for good spelling skills for the rest of their lives. Word families, word construction and dictionary skills are all covered.

ACSI Spelling

Published by:
Assoc. Of Christian Schools
Expand your student's spelling abilities and writing skills with this colorful and extensive spelling book. Filled with colorful illustrations and interesting exercises, students will be exposed to a broad base of words with an emphasis on the Christian worldview and biblical concepts. Lessons include a word list, vocabulary development, studies of word origins, use of words in context, phonics, writing skills, looking up Bible references, and synonyms. Fun games, fill-in-the-blank exercises, writing practice, and Bible-related activities are included as well.
827394: Spelling Power, Fourth Edition with DVD and CD-ROM Spelling Power, Fourth Edition with DVD and CD-ROM
By Beverly L. Adams-Gordon / Castlemoyle Books

Spelling Power is a multi-sensory, multi-level spelling customized program that will help your students master the rules of spelling in only 15 minutes a day! A 5 minute test starts off the day, which helps to review, check retention, and preview new words to study. For the next 5 minutes, you'll test misspelled words, and for the remaining 5 minutes, you'll test new words, picking up where you last left off. In only those 15 minutes, you'll be on your way to mastering the 5,000 most frequently used words, phonetic principles, and spelling rules! Glossary, Scope & Sequence, Verifying Research, and sections on dictionary and proofreading skills are also included. A Quick Start Seminar DVD has been added to this new fourth edition, along with a Teacher's Resource CD-ROM. The DVD contains the author introducing each element in the Spelling Power Program, followed by a real homeschool families completing each step. The CD-ROM contains forms used in the program, including printable skill-building activities, a searchable word list and even more helpful tools and hints. 330 pages, softcover.

Natural Speller

Published by Design-A-Study
Kathryn Stout, B.S.Ed.,M.Ed.

Instead of trying to memorize words letter by letter, your children can become "natural" spellers by learning to recognize sight and sound patterns in vocabulary. This program allows you to customize a curriculum for grades 1 to 8 that teaches commonly misspelled words, Latin and Greek word parts, abbreviations, contractions, homophones, numbers, and more at a pace that's suited to your students.

One Example of Planning

Should you use Natural Speller?

  1. If you like making a customized curriculum, then you may like this book.
  2. If you do not like creating a custom plan or if you have limited time, then you should choose a packaged spelling curriculum.

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