Calendar Frame

The calendar frame is a simple calendar with months arranged across and down that frame a blank area that is in the middle of the paper.

Calendar Frame Files

calendar frameChoose a year and print.


A header area is left blank for your choice of what to write at that location.

The center part measures slightly less than 5 inches wide by 3 1/2 inches tall. Use the center as you will, examples are a drawing or a family photograph. The center may be cut out or the central item placed and glued on the center.

Print on your choice of paper, whether decorated or plain or heavy weight or regular weight.

Printed Margin Measurements (approximate) - Measurement is taken from calendar edge to paper edge.
The top margin is a little over 1 inch.
The two side margins measures just under 1/2 inch.
The bottom margin is just under 5/8 inch.

Donna Young
October 25, 2012

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Donna Young

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