Printable Clock and Clock Worksheets for Math

Print clock worksheets, blank clocks, and a teaching clock for your students.

Printable Clock

I recommend printing on card stock. Supplies and instructions are listed on the file.

Make a Teaching Clock
Instructions are included on the file.

Clock Worksheets, Beginners

The two clock worksheets below are easy. The times on each clock are 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, etc..

Clock Worksheets, Blank Clocks

Print blank clock worksheets for customized work.

Clock Worksheets, Layout A

What time is it? - Layout A

Telling Time - Clock worksheets by Donna Young

About Layout A: The worksheets in this group uses layout A. Layout A has these features -

  1. Wording - "What time is it? Please look at each clock and write the time on the line."
  2. 12 clock faces
  3. Traceable numbers across the bottom - 0....5....10....15 (to 55) - this is to aid the student in counting the minutes
  4. Most, but not all, worksheets will have 12 unique minute hand positions.
  5. The number of represented hours will vary and that is how these worksheets are grouped. Use the worksheets with fewer hours represented when you want to focus more on the minutes.
  6. Group 1- Worksheets Hour 1 through Hour 5 have all 60 of the minute hand positions represented.
  7. Group 5 - Worksheet #5 is the easiest out of this group because the time on 11 out of 12 clock end with zero or five.
  8. Blank- Layout A with blank clock faces

pdfLayout A Printable Files

Group 5
12 Hours

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