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The cursive handwriting worksheets on this web page use a handwriting style that is kind of like D'Nealian, however they are very plain and not very slanted. The cursive font that I used is one made by Bob Jones University Press. Despite using a font, I edited the letters when making the lessons for the purpose of joining the letters in ways that we join letters when writing cursive on our own.

The oddities and quirks of handwriting are allowed and practiced in these lessons. The student will learn to join letters by varying the way the letters are drawn. Many of the capital letters will be practiced joined and not joined. Sometimes the way the capital letter is drawn will be modified to join with the next letter. Lower case e and o are to be practiced in all of their variations. Several other letter modifications are practiced as well.

Examples of Handwriting Quirks that I Placed in the Lessons

ever we goose
The high-joined e and the low e An e joined high o's  Loopy and non-loopy
on os the
n joined high o looped to join with s Capital t joining with h and h is shortened.

The Lessons Have Two Formats Pictured Here

Click on image to see a larger version
Mostly Letter Practice

cursive handwriting practice lesson
The "Mostly Letter Practice" group presents letters singly, then joined, and finally a blank line for practice.

The Rest of the Lessons

cursive handwriting practice lesson
The rest of the lessons vary, but generally have a line of tracing and an empty line for practice.

printable files at donnayoung.orgThe Printable Handwriting Lessons

  1. Some of the words will have animations for the student to watch.
  2. Each print-out has 4 lessons.

Mostly Letter Practice

The + indicates this sheet has word practice. All of the files are PDF FilesPDF.

Some of the sheets below have the rest of the capital letters.

Two Letter Combinations

fo Lots of o combinations and lots of practice with f.
Animation: of

High-Low This practice sheet concentrates on some of the troublesome combinations and demonstrates possible ways to combine the letters.
Animation: ever

Gray Lines 4-Lesson Paper matches the Cursive-D handwriting set
For Black Line Lesson Paper, scroll down or use this anchor link- Cursive-D Black Line Lesson Paper

Mostly Word Practice

A few of these will have cursive animations that accompany the words or letters.

running and other ing words
These words are used in this worksheet: running, walking, hopping, rolling, swimming, going, trotting

Senses words and some capital letters: S, T, C, H note that this capital t is a little different from the capital t that is taught in the capital letters worksheets.
Animation: Touch
These words are used in this worksheet: see, Senses, Touch, taste, Chew, smell, Hear, he

Animal Capital letter practice P, F, Z. Practice combining r with high letters (or) and (br)
Animations: Fish | F
These words are used in this worksheet: pets, Parrot, Fish, feline, dog, horse, zebra, Z, Zoo

Fastener Words These words are used in this worksheet: zipper, button, bows, ribbons, scarf, necktie, snaps... Practice combining ws and bb.

Nature Words These words are used in this worksheet: grass, trees, dirt, clouds, air, sand, outside, nature... i and t practice.

Dinner Words
Animations: chew | drink
These words are used in this worksheet: eat, drink, chew, taste, swallow, dinner, supper

Clothes words with some capital letter practice: D joined and not joined; B joined and not joined.
Also practice combining o to a high letter (oc) and a low letter (oe)
Animations: shoes | D
These words are used in this worksheet: Dr, Dress, Blouse, socks, shoes, clothes, shirt

Theater Words These words are using in this worksheet: popcorn, soda, candy, seats, screen, dark, film, loud

Penmanship Words These words are used in this worksheet: quill, pencil, marker, chalk, ink, write, draw, paint
Animation: chalk

Fruit Words This worksheet uses the words: apple, orange, banana, pear, peach, kiwi, grape, fruit.

Sentence Practice

For further sentence practice I suggest printing blank lesson sheets and assigning copy work.

Cursive-D Black Line Lesson Paper
1 Lesson per Sheet
| 2 lessons per Sheet | 4 Lessons per Sheet

Sentences 1
Contains These words :
apple, fruit, pear, peach, autumn, winter, summer.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
We had peach pie for dessert.
We swim during the summer.
combining wi, umn, and umm, or
capitals: a and w

Sentences 2
Just some basic sentences to trace and then write on the line underneath. Contains an assortment of practice with some of the hard combinations.

Sentences 3
More basic sentences to trace and then write on the line underneath.

All of the handwriting sheets on this page were carefully made with Paint Shop Pro. School teachers and parents may use these sheets for their students/children. Like all of my files, my files and the printed sheets may not be copied for resell or added to any collection for redistribution of any kind without the permission from Donna Young.

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