Crafts for young children often involve cutting and gluing shapes. This helps develop eye hand coordination. Guided crafts can enchance a child's skills in languages arts such as listening and following instructions. Later, crafts can help develop a sense of color and design.

Papergift tags

  1. Mother's Day Rose Card - Mother's Day
  2. Hand Trace - Macaroni Turkey- Autumn or Thanksgiving
  3. Homemade Paper Gift Bag- Gift bag for, Chistmas or Otherwise
  4. Folded Star
  5. Snowman Picture- Winter
  6. How to Make a Snowflake- Winter
  7. Christmas Gift Tags to Decorate- Tags for gifts, Christmas or Otherwise
  8. Calendar Frame
  9. Memory Photo Cube - Cube Templates

Christmas Tree Ornaments

  1. Styrofoam Balls and Buttons Ornament
  2. Beaded Icicle Ornaments
  3. Bear-in-a-Bag Christmas Ornament
  4. Lollipop Tree Ornaments
  5. Pipe-Cleaner Candy Canes Ornament


  1. Sock Doll: Bunny- A Doll
  2. Play Dough Recipes for Handwriting [in Handwriting section]
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