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Grading Terms

Grading terms are directly related to the grade calculators. Without grading terms, the calculators will not work. I should tell you that the calculators are not the only way to enter a class score, but that is not what this page is about. The minimum amount of grading terms that one can have is 2 - which would be 1 grading term for the first semester and 1 for the second semester (1|1).

"Two" is the fewest grading terms that you can have - you can't have one or zero. Below are some term quantities and set-ups. The set-ups are the numbers with pipes (2|2). The numbers with pipes have nothing to do with term settings at Data. They only represent a number of possible terms in the first semester |"pipe"| number of possible terms in the second semester.

Term Quantities and Set-Ups

  • 2 - The fewest grading terms allowed. 2 terms is the same as totaling grades each semester.
  • 3 - An uneven amount of terms. One half of the school year will have 2 terms and the other half will have one term. Which half gets the 2 terms depends on which terms is chosen to start the second semester. 1|2 or 2|1
  • 4 - This would be called "Quarterly" or something else if the second term setting (at Data) is not set at the number 3. Grading terms could be divided between the two semesters as: 1|3; 2|2: 3|1.
  • 5 - Another uneven amount, which, of course, can be done. 1|4; 2|3; 3|2; 4|1
  • 6 - This would be called "Six Grading Terms." Depending on which term is selected for the second semester terms could be divided out between the two semesters as: 1|5; 2|4; 3|3; 4|2; 5|1.
Last Minute Change

In the final copy of the High School V Planner I changed the wording that is shown in the video. Below is a screen shot of the new wording. "How many grading terms for this school year?"
data term

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