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By administrative, I am referring to those duties of homeschooling that require a certain type of planning and record keeping. Those duties are making a school calendar, recording attendance, recording time (only if you have to), making the course of study, recording grades. Not just recording and making these things but also keeping records of grades, attendance, courses, dates, etc. If you look in the 3rd row of the menu, you'll see what I mean by administrative.

Printables: Printable Files: In Administrative Forms, you can find and print the school calendars, print attendance and time forms, chose and print grade record forms, a grade card, course of study forms, and a k-12 transcript. For high school transcripts, see High School. Regarding grades, I also have provided XLS files that you may use for some recording keeping duties.

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Homeschool XLS Term Dates CalculatorHomeschool XLS Term Dates Calculator

This item, the Homeschool XLS Term Dates Calculator, is an xls file that requires a spreadsheet program. With this file, go through 5 steps and on the 6th step, the calculator will return school term days.

kindergarten diplomaKindergarten Diploma

I spent a bit of time on a new kindergarten diploma. This one is a serious looking file and it's typeable. If you need a kindergarten diploma, read more about the file at the new certificate page.

April 2, 2009 | Certificates »

2-Page Attendance Forms

attendanceThe 2-page attendance form can keep attendance records for one student. Each page is for one semester. Keep attendance totals for each week, each month, and each semester.

July 27, 2008 | Attendance Forms »

K-12 Transcript

grade record: This is a long term grade record form that you can use to record the semester and final grades and days attended for grades K through 12 for one child. That sounds kind of crazy, the paper could be 13 years old when your child finishes homeschool. I recommend filing the grade record each year and making a copy of the previous year's grade record for each new school year.

January 12, 2008 | Transcript »

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