Christian Exploring Creation with Chemistry

Published by Apologia Educational Ministries and written by By Dr. Jay L. Wile

Exploring Creation with Chemistry is best used by students who have completed Algebra 1.

Because I used edition one, I only have bookmarks and a checklist type of schedule for Exploring Creation with Chemistry.


PDF fileAcrobat PDF

Individual Student Advanced Chemistry Lesson Plans [2nd Ed.] at Co-op page

Exploring Creation with Chemistry Edition Two

at donnayoung.orgI, personally, Have NO Schedule for edition 2

However, there are 4 Exploring Creation with Chemistry 2nd Ed. Co-op Schedules ...

... at Co-op, Exploring Creation With Chemistry 2nd Edition Schedules. There are no 1st edition co-op schedules.

This is all that I have made for edition two--
Table of Contents (TOC) with wide margins

if you are very desperate for a daily schedule, please see Apologia Daily Lesson Plans at CBD.

Edition One Bookmarks & Checklist

Donna Young's Checklist Schedule

PDFSchedule for Apologia's Chemistry 1st edition

The bookmarks, below, contain a checklist of topics and vocabulary.

NOTE: This schedule is different from the other schedules. This one is more of a self-guided checklist format. The sections in each module are listed in  blocks and each block has a box. As the student finishes each section they should check the box. Each box does not necessarily represent one day. Some of the sections (blocks) will take two days. 

I hope that this is not confusing. I made our schedule this way because this book has a lot of math and I did not want to tell a student that they had to do certain pages on certain days.  I didn't want to add to any possible frustration that a student might experience if they felt like they were "behind" with the schedule.

PDFDonna Young's Bookmarks

Bookmarks includes checklist of topics and vocabulary

Addendum: PDFChecklist for Multimedia Companion CD

A Lab Report for Experiment 2.1

For this experiment, I was my daughter's lab assistant. My responsibilities were to make the crushed ice and record the thermometer readings that she took each minute. My daughter did everything else. The experiment took a little over thirty minutes.

Her lab report has these features: The date, title, experiment number, purpose, hypothesis, and materials on page one. Page two has the list of thermometer readings. Page three has a detailed procedure. Page four has a chart and her conclusion.

exploring creation with chemistry lab 2.1

My daughter followed a list of items to include in her lab reports. I provided this list to her at the beginning of the school year so that she would know what is expected of her lab reports. I suggest that you provide your student with a guide for lab reports at the beginning of the year as part of a class syllabus.

**Help Files at Apologia's Web Site

Links open in the same new window.

  1. A Sample Chemistry Lab Report
  2. Why do you round to 6 x 10^2 cal/gC in Module #2, practice problem 10, Exploring Creation with Chemistry?
  3. Experiment 4.3 how to substitute the can for a 2-liter bottle
  4. How do I do the math in chemistry On Your Own 5.5?
  5. How do you do the math on Chemistry Module #7 practice problem 6?

**Sep. 18, 2014- The Broken Help File Links updated for the 3rd time by your moderately friendly webmaster, Donna Young

Important: Instructor, be certain to read "Teacher's Notes" in front of the Solutions and Tests book. Students and instructor should read the "Student's Notes" in front of the text book.

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