Pipe-Cleaner Candy Canes

This is an easy project that children can do. I'm not sure how young they have to be. Skills they would learn would be folding something in half just right. The twisting part might be hard, but it isn't a crime if these are not done perfectly.

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-Pipe cleaners in red, green, and white
-Something to hang the candy canes on a tree (a ribbon or a wire hanger or just hang them on the tree as is.)

How To Make Them

Fold the pipe cleaners in half.

Loop together a white one and a colored one. Pull on them to set them. Bring them together (not all the way together, the two pieces should be held in a wide V) and start twisting them. Try to do it evenly. When you get to the end, try not to prick your finger and it might be a good idea to finish the bottom part for the children.

Shape the arch of the 'candy cane' with your fingers or hook it around something that is round and 5/8ths inch in diameter.

Either hang them on the tree by the cane hook or attach a ribbon or a hook to the candy cane.

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