Direct Objects

In sentences, transitive verbs require a direct object to complete its meaning.

Every sentence has a subject and a verb to make it complete. Most sentences have more words than just the subject and the verb. Dog ate is an example of the subject/verb sentence. There is a question to ask... What did the dog eat? The sentence, Dog ate cucumbers, has a direct object. Cucumbers received the action of the verb ate. Direct objects answer the questions, What? or Who?.

Nouns or Pronouns in the objective case can be Objects

Indirect Objects

Sentences will sometimes also have indirect objects. Indirect objects answers the questions, To what? or To whom? Jim gave Sherry the rice. Sherry is the indirect object. Sherry received the rice from Jim. Rice is the direct object. The indirect object receives the direct object from the subject.

Object of the Preposition

If a noun is preceded by a preposition and [optionally] an adjective or a determiner then that noun is the object of the prepositional phrase. 

Examples of prepositional phrases: the objects of the preposition are in bold face. 

to the store
beyond Riverside Inn
with Debbie's dog
along the dirt road

To learn more about prepositions go to Prepositions

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