Homeschool Lesson Planning: Wordly Wise Planning Tips and Sample Schedules

Wordly Wise books are easy to plan. All of the books are similarly structured. Each book has 20 lists and each list has 5 lessons, A-E. Plus there are 6 review puzzles scattered at intervals in the book. If you counted all of that, it is 106 lessons.

Note: Wordly Wise has changed since this article was written and I have not seen the new editions. Please take that into account when viewing the potential amount of lessons.

There are other things to consider that might increase the number of lessons.

  1. Activity E is an "in context" reading. You might want to allow 2 days for these in your schedule. If you do, that will bring the number up to 126 lessons.
  2. One more thing to consider is that some of the puzzles are very long. You could allow 2 days for those and that will bring the number of lessons up to 132 lessons.

The Math: 132 lessons divided by 4 (days a week) would equal 33 weeks of Wordly Wise with 4 lessons per week. A plan for that could take several forms and I will show you two.

One other thing- The answers are not included in the books, instead, they are in an answer key. If you value time over money, then get the answer key. Okay, back to the topic of planning Wordly Wise.

Please Note that both examples represent a non-standard use of a Subject Planner. The "Days Off" are slotted and highlighted more for visual effect than practicality. The NORMAL use of a subject planner is to fill every box until every lesson plan is added.

Fifth Day Off Schedule

Below is a table if this example schedule.

Study word list do 1A 1B 1C 1D 5th day off
1E 1E Study word list do 2A 2B 5th day off
2C 2D 2E 2E 5th day off
Study word list do 3A 3B 3C 3D 5th day off

Above: This layout schedules four consecutive days and then the 5th day off. This type of plan is nice if you need a lighter load on Friday (assuming day 5 is Friday) because, perhaps, the student has both a math test and a spelling test. Also, by planning one day off for every four, you will have a buffer for missed lessons. In other words, if this class is skipped one day, it could be moved to the 5th day.

Two Days Off Between Lists

Below is a table if this example schedule.

Study word list do 1A 1B 1C 1D 1E
1E off off Study word list do 2A 2B
2C 2D 2E 2E off
off Study word list do 3A 3B 3C 3D
3E 3E off off and so on...

This schedule allows two days off between each "chapter" or vocabulary list. As described above in the 5th day off layout, the off-days provide a buffer into which one may reschedule a class.


What is Vocabulary Near the bottom of this page you can read about the differences in the Wordly Wise curricula

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