Updates to donnayoung.org, June 20, 2009


The following are the updates to donnayoung.org from May 7, 2009 through June 20, 2009

I have added many new pages since May.

Colonial Planner

The Colonial Planner has files for both homeschooling and household use. The files are spread over four web pages:
Calendars: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/colonial-calendars.htm
Homeschool: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/colonial-homeschool.htm
Household: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/colonial-household.htm
Journals: https://donnayoung.org/forms/planners/colonial-journals.htm

Note: The homeschool planners have 6 columns instead of the usual 5 columns.

Handwriting and Tracing Shapes

This is a small tracing/handwriting set. It's for children learning shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, square, and triangle.

Coloring Shapes

This small set, just four worksheets at this time, is intended to aid the child in following directions, recognizing shapes and colors.

Color Names

Some worksheets that are about colors, color names and handwriting.

Shapes and Counting

More shapes: This set of 12 files is aimed at counting up to 21.

Number Matching

In this set the child counts a group of pictures and draws a line from the correct number to the group.

Drawing Ia: Line Angle and Position

This set of worksheets is similar to my drawing 1a set, but this set has simpler shapes.

Cursive Letter Animations

The entire set is finally finished.

Drawing With Children

Drawing With Children, a book that teaches drawing - I've written a bit about the book and have gone over the first chapter - Lesson One. I've outlined a couple of possible lesson plans for the first chapter.
Lesson one overview: https://donnayoung.org/art/draw-w-children-l1.htm
Lessons for Lesson One: https://donnayoung.org/art/draw-w-children-l1-lessons.htm
A friend ask me if I was going to continue with the remaining lessons in the book. I might.



I have added a lot of new pages to the art section. This is a work in progress.

Below are some of the pages. Some of these pages have more pages listed under them.

Art Supplies






I've added more pages to math. A couple of them are already listed above. The menu is changed a bit to make room for the new pages. Below are some of the new "home" pages.

Money: worksheets, quiz, play money, store tags


Math Facts: triangle cards in both blue and black, drill sheets, upright triangle cards, rectangular math facts cards


Blog: changed blog and feeds may have changed

entire blog: https://feeds.feedburner.com/DonnaYoung
dy updates only: https://feeds2.feedburner.com/DonnaYoung-DyUpdates

That is all for now. Thank you for reading.

Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young

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