Lesson Planners

From this web page you can print Homeschool Planners for the Colonial Homeschool & Household Planner.

About the Lesson Planners

The lesson planner, the 1quarterly planner, and the 1semester planner each have 5 or 6 columns. The 6th column can be used for notes, lesson plans for a 6-day school week, or for recording grades. The Assignments planner and Plan List 5 & 6 are 2Row Planners. The rest of the lesson planners are 3Block Planners.

Goals and Objectives

The Objectives planner can be used to take notes of specific things that your child needs to work on. Keep these in your planner and review them every six weeks more or less. The Goals planner can be used as part of creating custom curriculum or to take note of broad goals that you have for your child for that school year or for a shorter span of time.

Book Key

The book key is described on the original book key web page. I designed the book key to simplify recording lesson plans in the planners. I even put small stickers on my book spines and wrote the book keys on the stickers. I stopped using stickers after a couple of years.


The checklist is described on the original checklist web page. I designed the checklist to simplify using a subject planner notebook. My children appreciated the checklist. Using it gave them the a first taste of time management. They could see that soon, they would be finished with their daily work.

Terminology Used at DonnaYoung.org

Please know that the terminology that I have listed below is my own and listed here for your convenience. I am not suggesting that my terminology is standard. Donna Young

1Quarterly and Semester Planners are used to plan one subject for a certain length of time (term). Read more about using Quarter Planners at: Using the Homeschool Quarter Planner. See additional quarterly and semester planners at: Term and Subject Homeschool Planners. Read about creating a Homeschool Planner that uses term planners such as the quarter planner at: Homeschool Subject Planner

2Row planner indicates a planner design in which the plans are arranged in rows across the width of the sheet of paper. See more row planners at: Homeschool Lesson Planners with Rows, Homeschool Planners with One Column, and Daily Schedule Lesson Planners.

3Block planner indicates a planner design in which the plans are arranged in columns and rows.

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