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In this part of donnayoung.org, you will find a few printables and other tools that you may use to help your child learn about money. Some of these items were on the site-cd, YoungMinds, and is part of my large project to get most of YoungMinds online.

play moneyPlay Money, Place Value Money, Blank Checks, Unit Money

Play money can be purchased at grocery stores, big box stores, and other types, but if you can't find any or if you would rather print play money, then you may print play money from this web page. You will also find fake blank checks, place value money, and unit money.

worksheetsCount Coins Worksheets for Children

On this page are a few money worksheets that quizzes the child in counting coins. The 3 styles are count and write, count and draw a line, and count and circle the answer. If you would rather do this without paper, see the Computer Money Quizzes. I have included templates that you can use to make more coin counting worksheets. The templates are in both formats doc and xml and they include coin clip art to copy and paste.

tagsPlaying Store to Learn About Money

The Playing Store web page has Printable store tags and printable USA coins to use when playing store although I pity the one who cuts out the coins. And the page has an article about teaching your children about money by playing store written by yours truly, as usual, the only person who works on this website.

quizzesMoney Quizzes

These are "click the right answer" quizzes and I hope they are user friendly. Each money problem is presented on the top of the page and the student chooses which number is the correct answer. Picking the correct answer will take the student to the next problem. Choosing the wrong answer will open a NO page. The student will need to press the back button to return to the previous page. These drills vary in length. There is no fancy gizmo to count the wrong or the right answers.



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