Colonial Planner: Household

The household planners are basic planners except for the home inventory file.

The household forms below are part of the Colonial Planner. See also Calendars and Journals.

Lunch Menu

The lunch menu can be filled once and used monthly, varying it to suit what you have on hand. The list at the bottom can be used to note simple foods that you commonly eat or foods that you do not want to forget to eat. This is just one file for menues. If you need something different, go over to my household planner section and look at Household Planners For the Kitchen, Those files do not match these file, but who cares. When a person uses the files, function matters more than beauty.

Shopping List

I use this sort of shopping list. It hangs on the side of the refrigerator and the family members are trained to add what they need.

Important Contacts

In the business/relation column, write who this person is to you - Plumber, Doctor, Carpenter, Neighbor, and so forth.

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