Drawing Blocks for Younger Children

The drawing worksheets on this page are similar to those on the Drawing Ia web page. The difference between Drawing 1a and 1a for younger children is that 1a for younger children have a simpler pattern to draw and the patterns are a little larger. Another difference is that there are fewer lessons per worksheet. 1a for Younger Children have 3 drawing lessons per worksheet.

Purpose and Evaluation: Drawing Lessons 1a and 1a for Younger Children have the same purpose and evaluation points.

Each worksheet has 3 rows, each row has one pattern and two empty spaces. You decide how many rows your child does in one sitting. It could be one, two, or all three.

The Drawing Lesson Files

Below are the printable drawing lesson files.

About The Blank Blocks File

I provide blank files with just about everything. If you need them, or if you need easier or harder ones, use the blank blocks to create more of these "Line Direction and Where-it-is in the Space [plane]" worksheets.

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