Inventions up to 1642

List of significant inventions and discoveries
Inventions are listed in chronological order up to 1642.

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Woven cloth- Mesopotamia, Egypt
Wheeled vehicles- Sumera, Syria
Gold mining- Mesopotamia, Africa
Sundial- Middle East
Ox-drawn plow- Egypt
First step pyramid- Imhotep
Silk production- Si-ling Chi
Kite- China
Cotton production- China, India
22-letter alphabet- Phoenicians
Musical notation- Ugarit, Syria
First aqueduct- Sennacherib
Geographical and star charts- Anaximander of Miletus
Concept of atomic structure- Democritus
Profession of medicine- Hippocrates
Deductive system of mathematics- Euclid
Abacus- Asia, Middle East
Theory that the sun is the center of the solar system- Aristarchus
Principles of the lever and other simple machines- Archimedes
Beginning of the Great wall of China- Shih Hwang-ti
Ellipse and hyperbola- Appollonius
Trigonometry- Hipparchus

Magnetism- China
Paper making- China
Function of the arteries- Galen
Rotary fan- China
Wheelbarrow- China
Algebra- India
Decimal system- India, Mesopotamia
Water mill- Greece
580- Iron-chain suspension bridge- china
Zero- India
640- Windmill- Persia
Porcelain- T`ang dynasty
886- 24-hour day measurement- Alfred the Great
Rocket- china
1150- Paper mill- Spain
Gunpowder- China
1250- Magnifying glass- Roger Bacon
1260- Gun/cannon- Konstantin Anklitzen
1269- 360 compass- Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt
1280- Belt-driven spinning wheel- Hans Speyer
1285- Eyeglasses- Alessandro de Spina
1450- Printing press with moveable type- Johann Gutenberg
1493- Drawing of flying machine- Leonardo da Vinci
Heliocentric planetary model- Copernicus
1540- Artificial limbs- Ambroise Par
1565- Graphite pencil- Konrad Gesner
1581- Pendulum motion- Galileo Galilei
1582- Modern calendar- Pope Gregory XIII and Christoph Clavius
1589- Hosiery knitting machine- Rev. William Lee
1590- Compound microscope- Zacharais Jannsen
1590- Law of falling bodies- Galileo Galilei
1592- Thermoscope- Galileo Galilei
1597- Proportional compass- Galileo Galilei
1599- Silk knitting machine- Rev. William Lee
1600- Wind driven land vehicle- Simon Stevin
1609- Astronomical telescope- Galileo Galilei
1609- Laws of planetary motion- Johannes Kepler
1611- Rainbow theory- Johannes Kepler
1611- Double convex microscope- Johannes Kepler
1615- Solar powdered motor- Salomon de Caux
1642- Calculating machine- Blaise Pascal


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