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The Purpose of Checklist Deluxe

With your input, Checklist Deluxe will create a dated checklist for up to six different children. The checklists support up to 14 subjects/items and up to 250 school dates. After completing the school calendar and entering the subjects/items, the output will be something like this sample pdf. In the sample pdf file, page 1 is the administrative page and pages 2-5 is the checklist.

Like my other checklists, the printed copies of checklist deluxe is used by either you or your children to check off the subjects as they are completed. The checklists are to be used in real time, not at the end of the day. The main purpose of any of my subject checklists is to keep the school day moving along in an orderly and encouraging way.

Checklist Deluxe is like the other class checklists at except for a few things

Checklist Deluxe is Different because --

  1. It has a school calendar for each child
  2. It is dated. After setting the school calendar, the dates populate the child's checklist
  3. It supports up to six children
  4. It has a comment column
  5. It includes an administrative page that includes the child's list of subjects and a calendar that could be used to check attendance
  6. It supports up to, and no more than 250 school dates

Checklist Deluxe is the same as my other xls checklist because --

  1. It supports up to 14 subjects
  2. It is meant to be setup, then printed

The First Calendar - Child 1

Each child has a calendar. To make the dates populate the child's checklist, the calendar must be set up.

  1. To set up the calendar, enter the school starting date in the correct cell in Row 6.
  2. Next you must set school dates. To do that, type an "x" in the correct column next to each planned school date UP TO 250 Days.

The Rest of the Calendars - Children 2-6

You might notice that when you type x'es in Child 1's x-column (Column B) the other x-columns also fill with x'es in the same rows. I used a formula to duplicate Column B in the other x-columns. I did this because most of us will have the same calendar. BUT if any one or more of your other children need a different calendar setup, IT IS OK to overwrite the formulas in the other children's x-columns. To be clear-- It is okay to remove the formulas in columns D, F, H, J, and L beginning at Row 10 in the Setup worksheet in order to create the exact school calendar for each child. If you have to unprotect the worksheet to remove the formulas, then you are doing it wrong.

Enter the Subjects and Items

At each checklist that you are using, enter the child's list of subjects and items. The checklists have these tab names: Child1, Child2, Child3, Child4, Child5, and Child6.

Printing the Checklists

After setup is completed print the checklists, and as usual, I urge you to check Print Preview first.

Check print preview

  1. To make sure the page width is perfect, not too wide and not too narrow.
  2. To see how many pages to print. There is no need to print pages that have no dates.

Changes that You can make to the File

  • If you need more subjects you can insert additional columns between the current subject columns.
  • If you need less subjects you can delete, or hide, the unused subject columns.

If the worksheet needs to be unprotected to make changes, then please remember to protect the worksheet when you are finished. After any changes are made, you will need to adjust the width of the comment column. To make this easier, check print preview before adjusting the comment column because that will cause the page boundaries to appear on the worksheet.

Don't Take These Actions in the Spreadsheet

Take care of your spreadsheet. Below is a list of actions that might break the functions in the Checklist..

  1. Don't insert rows anywhere.
  2. Don’t select and drag
  3. Don't select and cut
  4. Don't delete with the space bar

I hope you find this file useful.
Sincerely, Donna Young

When to Contact Donna Young Regarding the File

  • Do not contact me if you break the file; please download a new one.
  • If you think I've made an error in this file, please contact me.
  • If you need help setting up this file, read the instructions on this page. If you are still lost, contact me.

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