High School Forms

I have remade all of the high school planner forms. They are from the Garamond Planner. Although the forms here are in the high school section, they can be used for other grades. If you do not have a word processor that will open either doc or rtf files, you can install a free word processing suite from Kingsoft, openoffice.org, or libreoffice.org.

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Weekly Assignments - 7 Rows  


Heading: Assignments

As you can see the weekly assignment form has rows instead of blocks. General chapter readings and lesson/writing assignments could be placed in the rows. In this form, the "week of" indicates that this form is a weekly form.

pdf fileWeekly Assignments
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

Daily or Weekly Assignments - 8 Rows  


Heading: Assignments

It does not have in any way indicate a week, but a date can be added to the form. This could be used as a daily assignment sheet or a weekly assignment sheet. It can be used for a more detailed assignment sheet if used as a daily homeschool planner.

pdf fileAssignments
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

36-Week Quarter Planner 6-Columns  

quarter planner

Heading: Class Schedule

This is the a quarter planner. It is keyed and has 4-pages. The planner has a 6th column that can be used for notes or for another day of plans.

pdf fileQuarter Planner
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

36-Week Semester Planner  


Headings: First Semester and Second Semester

This is the semester planner. It is designed for basic page assignments, not detailed plans. Each page includes 18 rows and places for grades.

pdf fileSemester Planner 5-Columns
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

pdf fileSemester Planner 6-Columns
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

A Checklist  

starredThe Checklist
Info at DY: Using The Checklist
The checklist has 14 rows for items (subjects and elements in the subject such as using a cd-rom). Each sheet can be used for 18 weeks.

pdf fileChecklist
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

Three Essential High School Planning Forms  

starredThe Course Checklist
Explained at DY: High School Course Checklist

pdf fileCourse Checklist
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

starredThe Course of Study 4-Year Plan

pdf fileCoS 4-Year Plan
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

starredYearly Course of Study Record

pdf fileYearly CoS Record
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

Order of Planning

after you find out high school graduation requirements

1. Make a 4-Year Plan

2. Make a Course Checklist

3. Make a Course of Study

4. Make Lesson Plans

Somewhere between 1 and 3, choose books.

A Time Sheet  


Heading: Time Sheet

Most will not need this form. It is a simple time sheet that has one space per day for 180 days for recording the time spend on a subject. The form accommodates 2 subjects.

pdf file2-Subject Time Sheet
doc or rtf filedoc
doc or rtf filertf

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