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Fonts for Handwriting Practice

penmanship Penmanship Print

Similar to some, but not quite like any standard school manuscript
Made by: rchrdd _-at-_hotmaildotcom
Distribution: Freeware, for noncommercial use
Penmanship Print can be downloaded from at: Penmanship Print - zip

Suggested use for font: Make Handwriting Lessons

How to Use Penmanship Print Font

dogs run imageOther than fonts1 , you don't need anything specilized to make handwriting worksheets, you just need a word processor or a paint program. I like Microsoft Word, preferably an older version - 7 or 10. That said, there are free word processors out there and I've stopped recommending them as some of them now contain bloat-ware. If you try a free office suite, install carefully, make sure that it is not adding a plethora of junk software that you don't need. A Toolbar is an example of junk software; really - anything that is NOT the program is junk software.

A Sample Lesson using Microsoft Word

How it's done - Homemade Manuscript Handwriting Lessons using the penmanship font and Microsoft Word

Before opening the doc format file that is linked below, install the font. The file will not display correctly until the font is installed. Of course, it will not hurt to view it without the font installed and in doing so you will see what happens.

The image on the left shows a part of the sample file and what it is supposed to look like with the font installed.

The clipart used in the file was very easily dropped in using Microsoft's clipart.

DOC Dogs Run (doc format)

PDF Dogs Run

About Needing Special Fonts

1 A font is not required if handwriting lessons are done in an ordinary composition book.
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