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It is always best for the student to draw the assorted boxes and color wheels, however, if class time is short, you may print the handouts for your students and children. You may link to this web page:

Color Wheels

The child should use the 3 primary colors: red, yellow, and blue to paint the color wheel. The child should learn to mix the colors to get the other needed colors.
red and yellow=orange, blue and yellow=green, blue and red=purple

Young Child's First Color Wheel

color wheel

Simplistic color wheel, it's not even called a color wheel. The terms used are primary colors, secondary colors, cool and warm colors.

Student colors the circles as implied on the worksheet. Three files below.
pdfPrimary colors
pdfPrimary and Secondary "Color Wheel"
pdfSame as above except with warm and cool colors noted

Ives Color Wheels with Color

To Intermediate

Ives Color Wheels

To Draw a Color Wheel:
Draw a large circle, a plate could be used as a template. Find the center of the circle and draw a line across the center. Lay a protractor on the line and mark at 30 degree increments. Draw lines on the 30 degree marks through the center to the other side of the circle to make the wedges of the color wheel.

Ives Color Wheel

This color wheel has various sized circles which makes color placement a little easier.

Ives Color Wheel

This color wheel is the pie type, there are no indicators of where colors go.

Mixing and Comparing

Comparing to see the effect of certain colors have on each other.

Comparison Boxes with black lines
Comparison Boxes
with gray lines

See Using Comparison Boxes

Scale Charts for practicing tints, shades, and tones gradation. See Using Scale

10 Boxes

Scale Chart I

with black lines
Scale Chart I
with gray lines

7 Boxes

Scale Chart II
with black lines
Scale Chart II
with gray lines

And We have Boxes

What does one do with boxes in color theory? First decide what sort of limited palette (color harmony) or color scale to mix. Mix the colors and paint one box with each color. Later, the boxes can be cut apart and placed on a board or paper that is labeled with the type of color group that it is. This makes a nice presentation for your color mixing practice.

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