One-Page Monthly Calendars

Ideal for notebooks, the printable calendars on this page print one month per sheet of paper in portrait orientation and the dates are placed in blocks.

One Year Calendar, 1 page per month, ideal for notebooks

About the Calendars
Donna Young


pdf file2024 - 13 pages, 1 cover sheet and 12 months
Open and print

pdf file2023 - 13 pages, 1 cover sheet and 12 months
Open and print

Calendar SW - a Monthly PlannerCalendar SW utilizes the margins for Saturday and Sunday in order to increase the width of the blocks for Monday through Friday. The blocks are shortened to allow more ruled space. The file includes an optional cover sheet. While it is okay to print the pages of this file back to back, I recommend printing each month on its own sheet of paper. If desired, print lined paper on the back of the months.

Matching Lined paper

pdf file Lined Paper
This lined paper has a rule height of approximately 1/4 inch (6.5mm)

One Page Monthly Block Calendar

1-Page Block Monthly Calendar


This is the One Page Monthly Block Calendar Each file prints all 12 months. You can print the months back to back or print lined paper on the back of each month.

xlsThis calendar is available in XLS format to YoungMinds subscribers.

Looking for the 2-Page Block Calendar?

Donna Young has two 2-page block calendars.

block calendar
This is the 2-Page Block Calendar
and you will find it in Household - Full sized - Block-Monthly

block calendar
2-Page Block Calendar
in the Calendars section -This calendar has two pages per month, large blocks, and a clean layout. 2-Page Calendar

Donna Young

Generate a 13-Month Calendar

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