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I like calendars. When I was 10 years old I used to sit in class and draw calendars in my notebook during those bits of time when I had nothing better to do.

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How I Taught my Children about the Calendar

Teach the CalendarOn Teaching the Calendar - This page briefly explains how I taught my children about the calendar.

Teaching Days and Months

Teach the CalendarThirty Days Hath September - This page includes two different ways to remember which months have 30 or 31 days and printable files.

A Chart of Holiday Dates

This is not quite an article, just an informative page that includes a chart of holiday dates as laid down by the government of the United Stare - basically federal holidays.

You'll also find a chart of Easter and Passover dates and how the Easter date is calculated.

About Donna Young's Calendars

Some details about when calendars are updated, the quantity of years available, and a solution to printing problems.

Bunny Trails

Crispin the Crane Fly

An example of nature observations made into a comic.Crispin the Crane Fly
A short and honest example of nature observations made into a comic.

A Fragmentary Account

A Fragmentary Account The unique one-line-a-day journalA Fragmentary Account The unique one-line-a-day journal

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