Monthly Calendars with Landscape Orientation

The printable calendars on this page are monthly calendars that are designed to print using the landscape orientation and then bound or placed in a notebook binder.

Clean Notebook Calendar

The Clean Notebook Calendar is available in two formats - Word and PDF.

Clean Notebook Calendar

There is nothing fancy about this calendar. It is merely squares and dates in a format that doesn't waste ink or space. Print on plain white paper, colored paper, designer paper, or paper that you've pre-printed with designs and images of your choice.

Colonial Notebook Calendar

monthly block

The Colonial Notebook Calendar prints horizontally and features two small calendars of the previous month and the next month.


from the Colonial Set

If you are having trouble printing these calendars, download the file to your hard drive and print it from there.

Looking for a Small Planner Refill?

Half-Size Calendars
Planner for the Personal Sized
planner - (1/2 size)

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