High School Diploma Forms

Congratulations to all of the graduating homeschoolers! As usual I am offering downloadable and printable diploma forms that can be used for homeschool graduation ceremonies. The diplomas come in three formats: Typeable PDF, doc, and rtf. The doc and rtf formats can be opened in a word processor (Microsoft Word and others) and customized for your graduate.

Pre-filled Diploma

Another choice is the pre-filled diploma that is at the bottom of the page and with it, you will type information into fields and click on a button. After that, you can choose which diploma file to download. The downloaded file will be in RTF format and it will have the information that you entered into the fields.

Fancy High School Diploma, Typeable PDF

This diploma was originally named "2012" after the year when I made the file, however; I've decided that the name is confusing.

The fancy high school diploma is a typeable PDF. Fill in the student's name, the school's name and, if applicable, signature titles (such as administrator or instructor). The fonts that I used in the file should render properly.

Any of the fields can be left blank. The date and signatures are to be written by hand.

high school diploma
DY's Fancy High School Diploma | *Font Size: Auto
-&- two choices that do not include the border
1 Inch Margin | Font Size: Auto
1.2 Inch Margin (approx. 1 3/16") | Font Size: Auto

*Font Size: Auto-- If the font size is so large that the content will not fit in the fields, then try using the files named "Font Size: Auto".

Typeable PDF's are meant to be typed on and then printed. You probably cannot save what you type unless you have Adobe Acrobat (Reader is not the same as Acrobat.) So - type and print. If you like how it looks, print it on nice paper.

Donna Young, March 27, 2013

The RTF and DOC Diploma Files and Fonts

The fonts that you have on your computer will affect how the diploma looks. When you open one of the diplomas in your word processor, you will know right away if I used a font that you do not have. The diploma will look terrible. The fonts will have to be changed and if you do not have any suitable fonts, search the internet for fonts. This web page has an Old English Font.

If the font issue is too much of a hassle, then try one of my two Typeable PDF Diplomas; it might work.

Another Diploma that is a Typeable PDF

The image below is a reduced and highlighted screenshot of the typeable PDF diploma. Click on the image to see a larger version and to see the notes that I made on the image and to see what the diploma says.

diploma pdf

The typeable PDF diploma, open, type, and print-
pdfDiploma - Open, Type, and Print

The typeable PDF may or may not be compatible, see this blog entry: https://donnayoung.org/blog/dy-updates/diploma-time.

DOC Diplomas

Next the DOC formats:
doc02.doc - High School, worded to add school name and your state
doc03.doc - High School, worded to add school name

RTF Diplomas

Last the RTF formats:
rtf02.rtf - High School, add school name and your state
rtf03.rtf - High School, worded to add school name

Pre-Filled Diploma

Two Choices after filling in the Form- RTF and RTF II

About RTF- This feature will output a diploma in RTF format that MIGHT look like this - an image of the RTF diploma. First you must type information in the fields below. But first, some important details. This file, being a word processor document, will rely on the fonts that are on your computer. It is possible that you do not have the fonts that I used in this file and that will make the file look like something is wrong. This file uses the fonts listed below. If you do not have these fonts, you will need to replace the fonts with something similar. Alternately, I will provide a file that uses downloadable fonts.
High School Diploma

Fonts used in RTF: Old English Text MT, Felix Titling, Edwardian Script ITC

RTF II- The Alternate Diploma File, RTF II, will use the fonts that are in the file linked below. zippedThe file is zipped. You will need to unzip it and install the fonts. If you do not know how to do that, then use a search engine and find out.
The Fonts - Download and install to your hard drive then select RTF II after submitting the form below.
But first, this is what the RTF II diploma will resemble. If you do not like how this looks, then do not download the fonts. The fonts came from google.com/fonts.

Fill in the fields below then press the "Select Diploma" button. At the next page, you will select either RTF or RTF II.

Student's Full Name
School Name
Date, such as 22nd, 23rd, 24th,...
Month, such as May, June, ...

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