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Even though I have all of these lesson planner files, not everyone wants to print a homeschool planner. I understand that. I have compiled a list of planners that link to online stores where they may be purchased. Links are set to open a different window.

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The Perfect Record BookThe Well-Planned Day Family Homeschool Planner
The Well-Planned Day features beautiful fonts, gorgeous design, and encouraging articles for every month, along with a weekly bible verse and planner elements specifically designed for the homeschool mom. Each week features room to write in Bible, Math, History, Science, English and two electives for up to four students, plus weekly priorities, dinner menu, catechism, and weekend activities.

plannerClass Lesson Planner
This popular planner contains 40 weeks of planner forms for you to fill; arranged in chart format, each subject has daily slots for a week's worth of assignments; quizzes or tests; and main concepts to master. There's also room for concepts that need to be re-emphasized and the date review was completed. A monthly fill-in-the-date square calendar is also included. Charts include reading lists, physicians list, report cards, academic records, high school curriculum plan, transcript, projects, field trips, vacation schedules, prayer journal and more. 121 reproducible pages, soft cover

plannerThe Homeschooler's Journal
Designed by a homeschooling family, this indispensable journal features a daily (Sunday through Saturday) subject log for over 200 days; field trip logs; check-off list for yearly requirements; calendars; semester objectives/resources pages; and more---plus a jelly-proof plastic cover to keep it safe on kitchen tables! For use with a unit-study curriculum or structured text method. 110 pages, spiral bound soft cover from Ferg N' Us.

The Homeschooler's High School JournalThe Homeschooler's High School Journal
Here's the perfect tool to maintain state-mandated or personal records of your homeschooling year. Calendars, daily subject log for 200 days, pages to track annual requirements, field trips, objectives and resources, library lists, daily attendance/grade chart and hours log allow you to keep track of your high school year using your own methods of record keeping. There's also plenty of room for jotting down regular activities, and a wide column on each 5-day planning section for additional notes. Spiral bound soft cover with plastic cover sheet.

The Homeschool Daily Planner for CurriculumThe Homeschool Daily Planner for Curriculum
When you're juggling homemaking and homeschooling, organization is vital! This book won't help you with the household chores, but it will help you plan and coordinate an academic year for one to four students. Includes forms for teacher resources, curriculums used, books read, extracurricular activities, and a year's worth of weekly lesson plans. At year-end, you have a permanent record of what's been accomplished! 124 pages, spiral bound soft cover from Aaron.

The Homeschool Daily Planner for High SchoolThe Homeschool Daily Planner for High School
This four-year planner easily lays out everything the homeschooling parent and student needs to track for the high school years! Sections are divided by grade, and include roomy 3.75" x 2" boxes for daily lesson plans as well as a fill-in calendar, curriculum list, reading list, extra-curricular activity list, and test score log. There's even room to record college-search information, and information on how to figure a GPA, prepare a transcript, use a grading scale and more. For grades 9-12; spiral bound, soft cover

High School Homeschool Daily PlannerHigh School Homeschool Daily Planner
Tired of squeezing all your high school record keeping into the tiny allotted space for that day? This is your solution! Every subject has its own box with room to record your grades and time spent working. There are nine separate subject boxes for each day to record instructions, notes and scores, and a sidebar to record books read, videos watched, and total time spent for the week. Unlike many planners, this one has 52 full weeks for year round learning!

The Homeschool Daily Planner for Unit StudiesThe Homeschool Daily Planner for Unit Studies
Has David read that book on George Washington yet? What spelling words did Mary review last month? This convenient planner helps you prepare unit studies and provides a permanent record of your students' work. Includes forms for cataloging teacher resources, curriculums used, books read by each child, unit ideas, extracurricular activities---plus a generous supply of weekly lesson-plan sheets. Approx. 150 pages, spiral bound soft cover from Aaron.

Class Lesson Planner on CD-ROMClass Lesson Planner on CD-ROM
Now homeschoolers can fully utilize the CLASS Lesson Planner in an electronic format. This CD-ROM allows users to develop, store, and retrieve a variety of school forms on Windows, (Requires multimedia Pentium 133 or better, 32MB of RAM, 4xCD-ROM & Windows98 or later.) Multimedia CD-ROM

The Plan Book With PizzazzThe Plan Book With Pizzazz
Because we wanted to develop the best plan and record books ever, we surveyed 3,500 teachers to find out what was really needed! From Maine to Montana, teachers overwhelmingly told us to give them more room to write. So we did! We've included a seating chart for each and every month, as well as one for the year-at-a-glance page! You told us you wanted convenience. So our new plan book is a lesson plan book and a personal plan book rolled into one! Extra-large size! And look, a pocket on the inside front cover! A student roster that even includes a space for FAX numbers & email addresses! Year-at-a-glance and 12 monthly spreads! Flexible schedule design! Soft cover, 112 pages.

The Homeschool Planbook, Elementary EditionThe Homeschool Planbook, Elementary Edition
Everything you need to stay organized for an entire year! Includes forms for goals, subjects, and activities for the current year; resources and curriculum owned now, and to buy; annual curriculum plan; state requirements; standardized test scores; calendars; weekly schedule; weekly planning pages; tally sheets for hours; field trip planner; project planner; reading list; Scripture memory sheet; report card; year-end evaluation; and more! 146 pages, spiral bound soft cover

The Homeschool Planbook: Family EditionThe Homeschool Planbook: Family Edition
Designed by an experienced homeschool mom, this handy planner allows you to inventory your supplies, schedule teaching and curriculum for up to four children, and keep track of lists, hours, homeschooling requirements, and year-end evaluation. Ready to be inserted into your own binder, this is hole-punched for convenience; a practical relevant tool to keep you and your family organized all year long.

The Homeschool Planbook: Unit Studies EditionThe Homeschool Planbook: Unit Studies Edition
This Homeschool Planbook gives outlines on the Unit Studies and are perfect for children.

The Homeschool Planbook, High School Edition--RevisedThe Homeschool Planbook, High School Edition--Revised
Stay one step ahead of your high schoolers. . . . Get organized! This practical resource offers a plethora of blank forms: 4-year plans, course descriptions, weekly schedules, grade reports, reading lists, extracurricular records, and more---so you can keep track of your teens' achievements and chart a clear course for the future. Spiral bound soft cover

Student Log Book and Daily Record KeepingStudent Log Book and Daily Record Keeping
Keep all your records in one central location with this homeschool planner/record keeper. Combining the things you need to keep track of, there's a spot for everything in your life to be organized! A fill-in-the date boxed calendar, daily planner with room for temperature high/lows, and homework and a daily nutrition log with separate boxes for breakfast lunch and dinner allow you to write out your schedules and track long-terms habits. There's also room for you to fill in the blanks about important facts and information such as 911 contacts, state info, what's happening in your year (average income, cost of gas, pop culture, etc.), student information,goals, field trips, awards, activities, helpful web sites, projects, training, prayer requests, memory verses and more. Soft cover, spiral-bound.

Unit Study Daily Plan BookUnit Study Daily Plan Book
Brimming over with blank spaces just waiting to be filled, this unit study planner has all the room necessary to record your activities. On the left facing page, there is a planner divided by four subject slots and underneath, ample room to record what books and videos you're using. On the right page is a week-long planner to fill up with activities, spelling and vocabulary words, more subject plans, timeline characters, and any other notes. There are enough pages for a full 52 week year to be recorded.

Preschool Teacher's Daily Plan BookPreschool Teacher's Daily Plan Book
This book was designed to meet the special needs of a preschool or day care teacher. This great book includes 52 lesson plan sheets, class information sheets which provide the teacher with ample space for recording specific information about each child, and special information sheets for any special information about each student. You will also find an all-purpose award and a "What We Did Today" chart that you may send home with each child. Preschool-First Grade.

Daily Plan BookDaily Plan Book
This daily plan book includes everything you need to plan out lessons for the year. Two semester-long schedules to plan out a daily program with are included, as well as room to record curriculum objectives, notes, list of texts and resources, record of requisition for supplies and a seating plan. The majority of pages are lesson plan boxes; each two-page spread includes a box for Monday-Friday with 7 subjects; 1 subject box is bigger than the rest. At the top of each page is room to write in the week, year, teacher, school, grade and room. Spiral bound

Daily Plan Book, Grades 1-6Daily Plan Book, Grades 1-6
Charming original art makes this planner a joy to look at as it fills with your plans for the year! Days of the week run down the left hand side of the page, with seven non-numbered time slots running along the top of the facing pages. Boxes measure just over 1.75" x 1.75". A weekly quote graces the top of the two-tone purple & white pages, while a not-to-scale ruler lines the bottom. Room for special teachers/procedures, a map of the school, important contact info, discipline plan, and seating chart are included at the back. 95 pages, soft cover Grades 1-6.

A Garden Patch of Reproducible Homeschooling Planning & Educational WorksheetsA Garden Patch of Reproducible Homeschooling Planning & Educational Worksheets
Trying to squeeze more hours out of your day? Customize your homeschool planning to fit your family lifestyle! This time-saving tool features clear, easy-to-use forms to help you get and stay organized. Includes portfolio planners; calendars and schedules; reports and work sheets; evaluations, report cards, and awards; a history timeline; and a life notebook. 96 reproducible pages, soft cover

A Garden Patch of Reproducible Homeschooling Planning & Educational Worksheets on CD-ROMA Garden Patch of Reproducible Homeschooling Planning & Educational Worksheets on CD-ROM
A CD-rom guaranteed to save time for every homeschool mom, this includes 3 formats on one CD. This will allow you to customize your planning journal to fit your family lifestyle. CHoose from over 95 worksheets to create portfolios, design history timelines, unit studies, calendars, a high school transcript, evaluations and more. Includes MS word templates, PDF files. Interactive GP version.

Lesson Plan BookLesson Plan Book
This spiral-bound book gives teachers plenty of space to list the standards, objectives, and assessments of their lesson plans.

Record BookRecord Book
Spiral-boundwith perforated pages that allow one list of student names to be used across several pages of records. Also includes pages for Student Roster including name, guardian, telephone, and address, as well as room for the year at a glance.

Lesson Plan/Record BookLesson Plan/Record Book

Cat in Hat Lesson Plan Record Book Cat in Hat Lesson Plan Record Book
Bring some fun into your daily plans! The Dr. Seuss Lesson Plan and Record Book contains everything you need to keep track of a classroom of students. Each week's lesson plans include room for notes in 7 subject slots Monday through Friday; the student record includes room to list assignments, the week & date, student names, and an attendance summary. Student name list is perforated for easy removal. Emergency/Medical Information, substitute teacher information, yearly planner, birthdays, roster, and seating chart are also included; have everything you need at your fingertips! Spiral-bound.

The Perfect Plan BookThe Perfect Plan Book
Revised and Improved! This fantastic planner features 88 planning pages with blank headings so you can fill in your schedule, rules for writing, spaces to list absences, a reminder area, and more. The flexible format allows you to record all the week's information for quick and easy access. You'll also find student information pages, a year-at-a-glance page, birthday pages, seating charts, and more! Features adaptable spaces, ruled lines, spiral-bound convenience, and space for at least eight subjects.

The Perfect Record BookThe Perfect Record Book
The "Perfect Record Book" includes plenty of room to record your students' information and grades. With room to record 40 students, an assignment per day, date and day of the week, attendance (with spaces for days present, tardy and absent), and a final grade are included for information at your fingertips! Calendar boxes for 2008, 2009 and 2010 are included, as well as pages for notes and student telephone numbers & addresses. This record book is in chart-format, and does not include room to actually write out assignments in list-format. Spiral bound, soft cover

Teacher's Daily Record BookTeacher's Daily Record Book
Here's the perfect companion to the Hayes Daily Plan book. It features plenty of space for different subjects and a place to list at least 40 students in each section. A spiral binding is also used with this book and allows it to lay flat for easy use. Seating charts, student information sheets, and a 3-year calendar are also included. Measures 8 3/8" x 10 7/8" and contains 64 pages.

Teacher's Daily Plan Book Teacher's Daily Plan Book
Designed by teachers, this colorful new plan book is both economical and practical. It features 40 weeks of lesson plan pages and space for at least eight subjects. The sturdy spiral binding allows it to lay flat for easy use. It also includes space for the teacher's daily schedule, substitute/ emergency information, seating charts, events calendar, student information and more. Measures 8 3/8" x 10 7/8" and contains 96 pages.

Teacher's Plan & Record BookTeacher's Plan & Record Book
Save money with this new Teacher Plan/Record book combination. Contains all the features of both a plan book and a record book with room for the teacher's schedule, substitute's page, student information, calendar, daily class record keeper and planner with approximately 2" x 2" daily boxes. A seating chart, birthday list, special assignment and notes pages are also included. Soft cover, spiral-bound.

Student Assignment BookStudent Assignment Book
There's plenty of room for all your work in this student assignment book! Three-hole-punched for easy keeping in a binder, each week features the days Monday through Friday along the left hand side of the page; a short "to-do" list and assignment block fill the rest of the page. Room to write in the week is included at the top of the page. A perfect, no-frills approach that's easily customized to what you want to record! Six writing lines are included for each day. "To-Do" block is approximately 2" x 2". Assignment block is approximately 5.25" x 2".

A Record of the Learning LifestyleA Record of the Learning Lifestyle (Tree Frog Cover)
Plan and record your children's year with A Record of the Learning Lifestyle! Each week features a black and white photograph, a lined sidebar with days of the week to record each day's plans, and subject boxes to record development, events, or accomplishments in various disciplines. Approximately 2.5" x 3.75", boxes are included for Spiritual Life, Work, Relationships, Science, People & Places, History, Creative Arts, Math, Health, Language Arts and Literature. Each Day of the Week is allotted 7 lines, 5" in length. Pages are also included for year-long achievements, including "Books I Have Read This Year", "Books Read to Me This Year", "My Grades, Test Score and Awards", and room for notes. Varied covers make differentiating children's planners easy and allow for personal preferences. This cover features a photograph of a tree frog; interior contents identical. Plastic-cover; spiral-bound.

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