History Through the Ages - Timeline Figures

timeline cd Help your children visualize the events of history by constructing a timeline. Timelines help children see that important historical events were going on in different places of the world at the same time.

Thanks to the talented Amy Pak of Homeschool in the Woods, we now have available to us affordable timeline figures. The figures of the History Through the Ages are beautifully detailed and each one is named and dated, and includes a descriptive text block. The figures are arranged in chronological order which makes them easy to use with any history text.

History Through the Ages

Included in each set of figures

  • Over 250 detailed figures printed on cover stock. These are ready to cut out and glue to the timeline.
  • Colored timeline on which to paste the figures
  • A list of the figures, their time era and their page number. This is a real time saver. You can quickly find the figures that you need.
  • Instructions and tips for making timelines

Each set contains figures of a certain time period.

goes to cbdCreation to Christ - over 250 figures
(Beginning to First Century AD)

goes to cbdResurrection to Revolution - over 280 figures
(0-1799 AD)

goes to cbdNapoleon to Now - over 280 figures
(1750-Present - World History)

goes to cbdAmerica's History - over 420 figures
(Explorers to 21st Century AD)

Amy also offers a cd-rom set and a timeline notebook; they are linked on the right.

goes to cbdThe links above go to Christian Books, my favorite homeschool bookstore.

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