Medium Manuscript Handwriting Lessons Set

The Medium Manuscript Set handwriting lessons print horizontally. The letters are approximately 3/4" tall.

The handwiring lessons in this set are arranged both alphabetically and by shape. The name of the link tells what letters are covered on each lesson. The files are PDF pdf Usage: select a lesson, open, and print.

medium manscript

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The Handwriting Lessons

By Shape

* q does not have hook


Blank Lesson Paper: pdfApprox. 3/4" High Rule - The Handwriting Blank Paper for this set

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May 13, 2021

 Typeable Blank File

fileimportant A particular font is required to use this file successfully! If you do not have the font, acrobat reader will display a substitute font and that substitute font will be the wrong font.

    Font Instructions:
  1. Go to the designer's web site at: Blue Vinyl
  2. Type Print Clearly in search box at website
  3. Locate the font download buttons, they might be to the right.
  4. Download the zipped file from Blue Vinyl
  5. Unzip the file
  6. Open the folder named True Type
  7. Install print_dashed_tt

Installing a Font: If you do not know how to install a font, use a search engine to find instructions. Installing a font is simple. I usually right-click the font and choose "Install font." Another method of installing a font is to open the font folder from the computer's "control panel" and drag print_dashed_tt into the font folder. It should install. If not, use a search engine or ask someone other than me.

After Installing the Font

Open the file: pdfMedium Handwriting Paper
If the words look funny when you open the file, click on the letters and they should change to the right font if it is installed. The file is not blank when it is first opened, but the text in the file can be replaced or completely removed.

You might get a warning that you cannot save what you type and it is true. Typeable PDF's are made to print, not to keep data. If you have Adobe Acrobat, then your situation is different; Adobe Acrobat can save what you type, but most of you will have Reader, not Adobe Acrobat.
In summary - type, then print.

"The letters look funny." This file requires a specific font that is typically not on a computer and no other font will work just right in this file. -See instructions above-.
arrowNote: The font's appearance in the file depends on the font's name- Print Dashed (print_dashed_tt). The earlier version of the font was named Print Clearly Dashed and that one will not show in the file.

starWhat is typed above is all the technical information that I am able to offer.

Teaching Tips

If the child has never had handwriting lessons before, show your child how to draw the letters. This can be done on a chalk board or a white dryerase board. I also have other worksheets designed for the beginning learner at Targeted Manuscript Teaching (letter height 1.5") and Handwriting Lessons - Manuscript Practice (letter height 1").

DY's Handwriting

Compare Rule Height
rule height chart

If this set is being used as practice, instruct your child to trace the dotted letters and also write the letter in the blank space between the dotted letters. Make sure your child forms the letters correctly -- drawing in the correct direction.

Link opens a new window. Text may be changed to say something else.

About- I used the font Print Clearly and a paint program to make the lessons. You can make similar lessons with the font Penmanship Print in your word processor.

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