Desk Size Planner: Dated Timer

Personal Sized TimerBasic Information: This is a timer for the desk-sized personal planner. The timer begins at 6 AM and ends at 9 PM. Each hour is divided into 15 minute increments. After 9 PM the remaining 3 lines are unlabeled.

The desk sized dated timer has a small calendar and a box labeled "Quote/Picture of the week" and because of this, the timer coordinates with Desk Size Ruled Planner. There are two coordinating ruled pages, one with "of the week" boxes and one without the boxes.

The file prints on full sized printer paper. After printing, the paper should be cut in half. Each file has 12 pages, one for each month of the year.

printable filesThe Half-sized Timer

Personal Sized Timer
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Instructions: Print the same month back to back as many times as you need for your highly scheduled days. Because the timer uses two half-sized pages, each time the file is printed will equal one day.

For days that are not so scheduled, print other types of half-sized planner files that are at
Suggestions are: Coordinating Ruled Paper, the dated Block Planner, and the Ruled Planner.

printable filesCoordinating Ruled Paper

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