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This page features two calendar styles for the half-sized binder. I included an additional file for each calendar style that prints a matching rule that could be printed on the back of the calendar.

    The Two Styles-
  1. A Split Ruled Calendar Spread - The year is spread over two pages. This style is a spread and should have a different file, a non-dated file, printed on the back of the paper.
  2. A Full Year Calendar - The year is displayed on one side of the printed paper and a rule is on the other side of the printed paper. This calendar is available in both a left and right location.

The calendars on this page are designed to print on a full-sized sheet of printer paper. After printing, usually on both sides of the paper, fold the paper in half and cut it on the fold line. The result is a calendar that will fit into a personal sized (desk-size, half-size) planner binder that uses paper measuring 5.5" X 8.5". One sheet of printer paper that is printed on both sides yields 4 pages (2 leaves) for the half-sized binder.

Donna Young

The Four Pages

See the image to the left to get an idea of how the calendars would be displayed in your planner. When the half-sized files are printed back to back the left side of the printed paper is the back. The right side are the top. Another way to understand this is by mentally numbering the pages. When the pages are cut and assembled and numbered, the right sides are the odd numbers and the left sides are the even numbers.

Landscape - Printer Setting

The files on this page are supposed to print in "Landscape" and there is a small chance that your printer will not automatically print the file in landscape. If this is the case, go to your printer's settings and find the page orientation and check "Landscape."

Ruled Calendar - Split Year

image of a spreadThe Ruled Split year calendars feature one-half year on one finished page and the other half of the year is on the second finished page. Each half-year includes a ruled area to the right of the months. The rule is narrow - approximately 5/32" or 4mm. This calendar can be used to keep up with things such as birthdays, important dates, medical information, etcetera.

please readThis file is designed to be used as a spread. Print a different file on the back of the calendar before cutting. The matching rule is included for this purpose, but you can select a different file to print on the back.

ruled calendar - split yearJanuary: 2021 | 2022 | 2023
July: 2021 | 2022 | 2023

Narrow Ruled Paper - Genuinely "Narrow" - Just over 1/8" (5/32", 4mm)
For a wider rule see Light Rule below or choices at Paper
Ruled on left side (this allows for a blank cover sheet)
Ruled on both sides

Full Year Calendar on Right or Left

The Calendar on the Left side and Right side are both here so you can choose how you want a calendar displayed. The rule on this style is approximately just under 1/4" (7/32" or 5.5mm). A Tip below describes how to print these calendars in such as way that the calendars are back to back.

Calendar on Right Side

January: 2021 | 2022 | 2023
July: 2021 | 2022 | 2023

Calendar on Left Side

January: 2021 | 2022 | 2023
July: 2021 | 2022 | 2023

Matching Ruled Paper - "Light Rule"
The rule is approximately just under 1/4" (7/32" or 5.5mm) and is light gray.
For a darker gray line with the same rule size, see Paper.
Ruled on left side
Ruled on both sides

Tip - Back to Back Years

    To have a back to back calendar of sequential years, Try This
  1. Choose a year from the Right-Side list and Print it. The calendar will be "page 1."
  2. Remove the paper and carefully reload it in your printer so that the back of the paper prints next. Make sure the long side of the paper (the calendar top) stays on the same side when reloading the paper.
  3. Choose a year from the Left-Side list and print it on the back of the previously printed paper which you reloaded in step 2. The calendar will be "page 2."

Fold the paper and cut it in half. If everything went well, you should have a page with back to back calendars and a page with back to back ruled paper.

Calendar Availability

The calendars are updated yearly on January 1st. The years available will typically be this year and next year. Sometimes last year will also be available. If you need more years than what is on this page, either subscribe to YoungMinds or purchase the YoungMinds CD-ROM.

Terms Used on This Page

image of a spreadSpread- A spread is a finished pair of facing pages. The spread is viewed at the same time with one page on the left and one page on the right.

If I suggest that you print a different file on the back, that means to print an entirely different file on the back - the "Matching Rule" is one example of a file to print on the back of a "spread."

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Donna Young - updated July 18, 2013

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One-Page Yearly Calendars for the Full Sized Household Planner

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