Updates to DonnaYoung.org: January - August 2013


This is the first Yahoo group update for 2013 and while I have worked all year, I have not added many new items.


Blue Calendars - A New Light Blue Calendar
Another option in the Blue Calendar - The blue is lighter, the lines are finer, the row with the days is light gray, and I used the font Garamond.


Household > Half-Sized

Printable Paper for Half-Sized Binders
I test printed all of the files and added new files:
Graph paper, called a Grid on the page
Taller ruled lines in both light and dark
The new files are under Set Two. There is also a Set Three and that set contains two games.


1/2 Sized Check Register
A Basic Check Register for the 1/2-sized planner, sometimes called personal sized, and the requester called it junior sized. There are two files - One prints a pair of vertical registers and a second file prints a horizontal register.


Calendars for Half-Sized Household Planner
The Calendar on the Left side and Right are remade with the new taller rule size that will match the paper linked above.


Homeschool Planners

Portfolio X - Generate a Homeschool Planner (rtf) with Class Names, Child's Name, Grade, and School Year
This is a new addition to the Portfolio X page, "Portfolio X - Subject" and it is a more complete planner with more homeschool planner file types. Just like Portfolio - the planners are made for 5 days a week and 7 class types. [rtf]


Alpha-Keyed Grader and Grade Sheet at Portfolio Planner
I added a couple of "Alpha-Keyed" grade record files and I briefly explained "Keyed" planners.


High School Diploma - Sans Border
Requested - The diploma that I named 2012, but without the border. It is a typeable PDF.


Cover Sheets
By request, I have added Italian and Latin to the cover sheets. The cover sheets are available in file formats - PDF, DOC, and RTF.


V Planner V3 (a spreadsheet) became available in April and has since been updated a few times. I also wrote an entire new help section.
The Help Files
Later the no-grades version of the V Planner became available. That V Planner is named Lesson Planner V3.

Math > Paper

More Printable Graph Paper
To the original graph paper page I have added 10 more sizes. These papers have gray graph lines with black dividing lines. The graph is divided every 3, 5, or 10 squares. Two sizes are made with both regular and wide margins. One special file is designed for a small garden.


Handwriting > Paper

Handwriting Paper with Colored Rule and Yellow Stripe Paper
New Yellow Stripe handwriting ruled papers in 5 rule heights and in horizontal format.


9mm Filler Paper with Images
The printable filler paper on this page feature a rule height of approximately 9mm. The rule is blue with pink margin lines and the outside margin line is olive. All but one file feature a small image at the top of the page. Each paper has a header that reads: by: and date:


Vertical Handwriting Paper - with no 3rd space - Now in Blank Top
Requested - Blank-Top handwriting paper to coordinate with the No 3rd Space handwriting


English > Spelling

Spelling Bee Award Certificates
Two files - the Spelling Bee Winner and the Spelling Bee Champion. The Champion file is the year-end award for the child who won the most spelling bees. The Winner file has four certificates per page that you would sign, date, and hand to the winner of each spelling bee.


Site CD - YoungMinds

The Site CD-ROM, YoungMinds is 20% off during August.


YoungMinds at Dy - Grand Opening

This, an ad-free version of donnayoung.org, was requested a couple of years ago and now it's open. YoungMinds is a little more than an ad-free donnayoung.org, it is a version of the Site-CD-ROM and includes access to extra files such as the V Planners. Since this is all new and a grand opening, there is a special charter subscription during August.
YoungMinds at Dy
This page is perhaps too wordy, but it goes over the differences between YoungMinds Online and the CD-ROM and then the general differences between donnayoung.org and YoungMinds.



I think that is all; Thank you for reading.

Happy Homeschooling,
Donna Young

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