Printable Handwriting Paper In Black, Gray, and White

Except for one colored rule file, this page is full of printable black and white and grayscale lined handwriting paper. Not only that, the papers come in various rule sizes and if you do not find what you need on this page, be sure to look on my other lined handwriting pages. If you need handwriting paper that has color lines, visit Color Rule Handwriting Paper and Yellow Line Paper.

If instead you are looking for Printable lined paper that is known as "notebook filler paper", then you are in the wrong place. To see all of the filler paper that I have, go to Filler Paper and you will see a list of most of the filler paper that I have at

Fuchia BookletThis page does not hold all of my printable handwriting ruled paper at

Handwriting Paper - 2012 Set

handwriting paperThe 2012 Set has 9 rule sizes from 1 inch through 1/4 inch in 1/8 inch increments including 1 centimeter and 1/4 inch Tall.

Rule sizes, when printed, may not be exactly as described.

  • The rule lines are in shades of gray. The bottom line is the darkest and the middle line is the lightest.
  • The set has all rule sizes in both fully ruled paper and blank top paper. Additionally, the 1/4 inch rule is available in a booklet format.

The paper with the "1/4 inch Tall" rule is not symmetrical. The lowercase part of the rule is 1/8 inch, as it should be for a 1/4 rule, but the other two areas of the rule are taller. The uppercase part is 3/16 inch tall and the lowest part of the rule is 1/4 inch tall.

The 2012 Set Files
To print the blank top paper from this set go to: Blank Top Handwriting Paper

Larger Rule Sizes

Vertical and Horizontal

1 inch | 1 inch - Horizontal
7/8 inch | 7/8 inch - Horizontal
3/4 inch | 3/4 inch - Horizontal
5/8 inch | 5/8 inch - Horizontal

Smaller Rule Sizes

1/2 inch
1 cm
3/8 inch
1/4 inch | 1/4 inch Booklet (2 pages)
1/4 inch Tall
booklet with handwriting rule
1/4 inch Booklet, 2 Pages

...Ends 2012 Set...
To print the blank top paper from this set go to: Blank Top Handwriting Paper

Horizontal Handwriting Paper

This group of papers comes in 3 rule sizes that indicate they are to be used for grades preschool through 4th grade. This does not mean that these papers must be used for the grades specified; they are merely suggestions.

Horizontal Paper

Has 5 rows of lines.

Has 6 rows of lines.

Has 10 rows of lines.

For more choices see the 2012 Set files under Larger Rule Sizes

Horizontal Printable Handwriting Paper From Donna Young's Handwriting Lesson Sets

The files below are from various handwriting worksheet pages at, but this isn't a complete list. There are many choices of printable lined paper throughout the Handwriting section.

wide rule lines
Beginning Blank Paper

Approx. 2" High Rule
From the handwriting lesson set- Beginning Manuscript Handwriting

wide rule linesBeginning Blank Paper with Alphabet Border
Without Border
Approx. 1 3/8 " High Rule
From Sets 2 and 3 - Beginning Manuscript Handwriting

wide rule linesManuscript Blank Paper-Large
Approx. 1 1/8" High Rule
From the handwriting lesson set- 133 Manuscript Handwriting Lessons

draw and write
Draw and Write

Approx. 1" High Rule - Color
From the handwriting lesson set- Handwriting and Tracing Shapes

draw and write
1-2 Medium

Approx. 3/4" High Rule
From the handwriting lesson set- Medium Manuscript Set

Vertical Handwriting Paper

The next group of handwriting paper prints vertically.
The first set has the classic 3rd row and the last set does not.


More Vertical Handwriting Paper From Donna Young's Handwriting Lesson Sets

The printable lined paper linked here are brought in from my various Printable handwriting lesson sets. There are more such files linked below, so be sure to scroll down to see them all before deciding which ones to use. If you like the style of the lined papers linked below be sure to visit the handwriting less sets that they belong to if you would like to print handwriting lessons with the same lined paper style.

wide rule linesApprox. 1 3/4" High Rule
Printing Readiness Blank
From the handwriting lesson set-Printing Readiness

wide rule linesApprox. 1 1/2" High Rule
Targeted Blank Paper
From the handwriting lesson set- Targeted Manuscript Teaching

wide rule linesApprox. 5/16" High Rule
Small Print 4-Lessons
This is lesson paper, see more at Lesson Paper.
From the handwriting lesson set- Small-Print Handwriting Lessons

Lesson Paper

From: Small-Print Manuscript Handwriting Lessons

Four Lessons Paper
Two Lessons Paper
Four Lessons Paper - Typeable PDF

"Practice This Sentence" - You can type one line per lesson group on the typeable pdf form. The font used for the sentence is not a handwriting font.

From "DN" Handwriting Set

3/8 Inch Rule
1/2 Inch Rule

The paper in the "DN" set also includes blank-top paper.

From "HWT" Handwriting Set

1 Lesson
2 Lessons

See more Double Line Paper at "Double Line Paper" set, also includes blank-top and 4-column paper.

Vertical Handwriting Paper - with no 3rd space - Full and Blank Top

This style was requested by a school teacher many years ago. She wanted handwriting rule, but without the 3rd space. I was happy to be able to help. A Blank-Top version of this style was more recently requested. I made the files and linked them under the fully lined links in the table below; they are labeled "Blank Top."

no space

Blank Top
no space

Blank Top
no space

Blank Top
no space

Blank Top

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